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Maternity Review

midterm review

A woman is expecting a baby she has a history of 1 miscarriage. She also has a little girl age 2. What is her gravida and parity? G3P1A1
How many additional calories should a pregnant woman have in her 2nd and 3rd trimester? 200-300 additional calories
As a practical nurse providing prenatal care your goal is to ensure that the client has no complications in pregnancy. How would you generally do this? Providing good prenatal care
What is one supplement that all pregnant women should take prior to conception and during pregnancy? This is also known to prevent NTD. Folic acid
A client is 18 weeks pregnant and states she has been "feeling a fluttering sensation" What is this? Quickening-first fetal movement
A pregnant woman is lying supine on the examining table. She is short of breath and dizzy. This happens because of what? Pressure on vena cava and causes blood to be trapped-supine hypotension
What is a teratogen? Any chemical or physical factor that can adversely affect the developing fetus
The practical nurse has a client who is 24 weeks pregnant. She is going to measure the SFH. What would the practical nurse expect the SFH to be? 24 cm
A woman is 36 weeks pregnant and comes in for her prenatal appointment. She complains of swollen ankles. The nurse completes her assessment and finds this to be a normal expected finding. What should the nurse recommend for this client? Have rest periods and sit with legs elevated
A woman is 10 weeks pregnant and has hyperemesis gravidarum. The nurse should be alert for what possible changes in her blood work? Electrolyte imbalance
What are the s/s of ruptured fallopian tube from ectopic pregnancy? Sharp pain in one of her lower abdominal quadrants at time of rupture and vaginal bleeding
A woman has vaginal bleeding and is coming in to be checked. What is one check that should NOT be done? Vaginal exam-not done until cause of bleeding is determined via ultrasound
What is the purpose of surfactant? Prevents alveoli from collapsing on expiration
What does the alphafetoprotein (AFP) test for? Chromosomal abnormalities
In a forceps delivery, what are the maternal risks? Potential for lacerations and bleeding
In a forceps delivery, what are the fetal risks? Possible cord compression with placing forceps on the cord as well as facial palsy
Created by: alliedrummond