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Complete Fracture Fracture line extends entirely through the bone, with periosteum disruption on both sides of the bone
Comminuted fracture Bone splinteres into three or more fragments at the site of the break
Transverse fracture Break runs directly across the bone, at a right angle to the Bone's axis
Oblique fracture Break runs diagonally across the bone at approximately a 45° angle to the shaft of the bone.
Spiral fracture Break coils around the bone. This is sometimes called a torsion fracture and results from a twisting force
Impacted Fracture Sometimes called a telescoped fracture because one bone fragment is forcibly wedged into another bone fragment. In long bones this can shorten the extremity
Greenstick Fracture Incomplete fracture in which the fracture line extends only partially through the bone. The bone is broken and bendlt but still secured at one side. Usually common in children because their bones are softer and more flexible than adults
Colles fracture Fracture of the distal portion of the radius within 1in of the wrist joint
What are the 7 P's Pulselessness Paresthesia Paralysis or paresis Polar temperature Pallor Puffiness Pain
What is an internal fixation? A surgical procedure that stabilizes joint ends of fractured bones by mechanical devices such as metal screws, plates, pins, wires,
What is an Open reduction with internal fixation (ORIF)? Surgical procedure allowing fracture alignment under direct visualization while using various internal fixation devices applied to the bone or immobilization.
What happens when a pt has an open fracture? The wound goes under surgical debridement to remove dirt, foreign materials, devitalized tissue, & necrotic bone
What are the diets that pts with fractures need? Adequate amounts of Protein, calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamins K and D are needed
Created by: QueenHayate
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