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Chapter 42

Alopecia Loss of hair
Autograft Transplant of tissue from one part of body to another
Contractures Shortening or tension of muscles that affects extension
Curling' s ulcer Duodenal ulcer that develops 8 to 14 days after severe burns
Debridement Removal of damaged tissues and cellular debris
Eschar Black leather crust that forms over burned tissue
Excoriation Injury to the skin caused by scratching or abrasion
Exudate Fluid, cells or other substances that have discharged from cells or blood vessels
Heterograft (xenografts) A transplant of tissue from one species to another (pig, cow ) temporary graft
Homografts (allograft) Transplant of tissue between two genetically dissimilar individuals of same species ( not a twin, usually cadaver)
Keloids Overgrowth of collagenous scar tissue at the site of a skin wound
Macules Small, flat blemishes that are flush with the skin surface
Nevi Moles, usually benign but may become cancerous
Papules Small, raised, solid skin lesions, less than 1cm in diameter
Pediculosis Lice
Pruritis Itching
Pustulant vesicles Small, circumscribed elevations on the skin that contains pus
Rule of nines Determines the TBSA burned. Divides the body into multiples of 9
Suppuration Production of purulent material
Urticaria Presence of wheals or hives in an allergic reaction. Caused by the release of histamine in an antigen- antibody reaction
Wheals Round elevation of the skin; white in the center w pale red periphery
Vesicle Circumscribed elevation of skin filled with serous fluid; smaller than 0.5 cm
Verruca A benign, viral, warty skin lesion with a rough, papillomatous (nipple like)growth pattern
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