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Form and Function

Grade 7

What is a structure? Anything made of parts put together for a particular purpose.
What is the difference between form and function? Form is the physical appearance of a structure, and function is the purpose of a structure.
What is a force? A push or a pull.
What is gravity? The force of attraction between all objects.
What is the difference between applied and non-contact forces? Applied force is a force that pushes or pulls an object when objects come in contact and a non-contact force is a force that pushes or pulls things without any contact.
What is the difference between mass and weight? Mass is the quantity of matter in an object and weight is the force of gravity acting on an object.
What are the instrument is used to measure mass and weight? A spring scale.
What units are used to measure mass and weight? Mass is measured in grams and weight is measured in newtons.
What is the direction of force? Up, down, left, right, or sideways are common directions.
Do forces have magnitude? Yes.
What is the difference between dead, live, and dynamic load? A dead load is the weight of the structure itself. A live load is the weight of the objects that a structure supports. A dynamic load is a load on a structure that is caused by forces.
What is a solid structure? Include an example. An object that uses solid construction to support loads such as a dam.
What is a frame structure? Include an example. A network of parts that support loads such as the St. Mary Axe Building.
What is a shell structure? Include an example. A hollow structure with a curved shape providing high strength and rigidity such as a bike helmet.
What is a combination Structure? A structure that includes solid, frame, and she'll structures. Like the human body.
What is the difference between internal and external forces. Internal force is a force acting between 2 parts of a body, while an external forces is a force acting on an object.
What is the difference between point of application and plane of application? Point of application is the location where the force is applied, while the plane of application is the imaginary flat surface where the force passes.
What is tension? Pulling the particles of an object.
What is compression? Presses or squeezes the particles of an object together.
What is torsion? Internal twisting forces created in an object as a result of a twisting motion being applied to the object.
What is shear? Forces acting on an object as a result of pushes or pullsomething in opposite directions.
What are 2 examples of tension? A stretched skipping rope and a trampoline.
What are 2 examples of compression? Kicking a soccer ball and step on the sole of your shoe.
What are 2 examples of torsion? Turning a doorknob and when a washcloth is squeezed.
What are 2 examples of shear? Shears or scissors.
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