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Chapter 42 Integumen

Herpes Simplex 1 Viral. Most common and usually called cold sores or fever blisters. Very painful very contagious
Herpes Simplex 2 Genital herpes, transmitted by sexual contact. Lesions appear 2 days or 2 weeks after exposure
What medication is used to help shorten the Herpes Virus time? Acyclovir (zovirax)
Impetigo Contagosia Caused by S. Aureus, streptococci or a mixed bacterial invasion of the skin. Highly contagious. Honey colored exudate.
Tinea capitis Ringworm on the scalp
Tinea corporis Ringworm of the body
Tinea curis Jock itch
Tinea pedis Athlete's foot
Herpes Zoster Shingles. Usually occurs along the thoracic region. Lasts about 7-28 days
What are the Nursing interventions for both Herpes viruses? Pain control, itch control, medical baths, warming compresses.
What is the diet for pts with Herpes? High in vitamin C
Systemic lupis erythematosus Autoimmune disorder characterized by inflammation of almost any body part
Functions of skin Protection, temperature regulation, vitamin D synthesis, keeps our insides from becoming our outsides
What type of Assessment of skin do we use? OPQRST
What does PQRST mean? Provacation/palliative Quality/Quantity Region/Radiation Severity Time
What does ABCDE mean? A-is the mole Asymmetrical? B-are the Borders irregular C-is the color uneven or irregular D-has the diameter of the growth changed recently E-has the surface area become Elevated?
What is an autograft? Surgical transplantation of any tissue from one part of the body to another location
What is a Homograft (allograft)? The transfer of tissue between two genetically dissimular individuals of the same species. Skin transplant of another person not an identical twin
What is a herograft (xenograft)? Tissue from another species such as pig or cow used as a temporary graft
What is debridement? Removal of damaged tissue and cellular debris from a wound or burn to prevent infection
Created by: QueenHayate
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