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space sudies

8th grade MSA study review

Why is a comet consitered a dirty snowball? It s made of Ice, gas, rock, and dust
What is a neap tide? It is a tide with a lower water level than usual. The sun, Earth, and Moon form a right angle.
What is a spring tide? Tides are higher than usual. The Earth, sun, And Moon make a straight line.
What layer of the sun is only visible during a solar eclips? the corona
A ___ ____ is a dark spot on the sun that is cooler than the surrounding area and has a higher magnetic field? sun spot
Describe the path of a comet. It makes an eliptical orbit arround the sun.
Where do comets "refuel?" The Oort cloud
What happened tothecomet "Shoemakerlevy9?" Jupiters gravity broke it into 20 pieces and those 20 pieces crashed into Jupiter.
What is the difference between a meteorite, a meteor, and a meteoroid? A meteorit strikes the Earth, a meteor is a fragment of a meteoriod that burns up in the atmosphere, and a meteoroid is a rock in space.
How many planets don't have moons? 2, mercury and venus
Which planet has the most moons? Jupiter
What type of galaxy is the milkyway? Spiral galaxy
How many years does it take for Halleys comet to make a compleete orbit? 76 years
What year will Halleys comet return? 2062
Do all outer planets have rings? yes
How many moon phases sre there? 8
Define the term "Galaxy" A collection of stars, gas, and dust
Name the planets from the closest to the sun to the farthest from the sun? Mercury, venus, earth, mars, jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune
Between which two planets is the astroid belt? Juputer and mars
Which planet is farthest from the sun? Neptune
Created by: Mr. Eyes