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Latin 2 Exam

pg 1 of exam-- vocab

Acies Line of Battle
Meridies Day
Spes Hope
Res Thing, Affair, or Event
Res Publica Republic
Res Frumentaria Grain Supply
Res Gestae Deeds
Res Novae Revolution
Ianua Door
Lectus Bed or Dining Couch
Gaudium Joy
Tergum Butt
Officium Duty
Praemium Prize
Praesidium Gaurd
Herba Grass
Subsidium Support
Iubeo-Iubere Iussi-Iussum= To Order
Sustineo-Sustinere Sustinui-Sustentum= Sustain
Contineo Contain
Possum Posse-Potui-Possum= Can or Be Able
Adsum Adesse-Adfui-Adfutrum= Present
Absum Abesse-Afui-Afutrum= Abesent
Inquam I say = use with quotes
Alienus Another's
Quisque Each one
Alius Another
Alius...Alius One...Another
Alii...Alii Some...Others
Solus Only
Alter The Other`
Alter...Alter One...The other
Totus Whole
Ullus Any
Nullus None
Neuter Neither
Uter Which
Uterque Each
Validus Strong
Dexter Right
Idoneus Suitable
Par Equal
Utilis Useful
Tristis Sad
Notus Well-Known
Fidelis Faithful
Cupidus Eager For
Certus Certain
Felix Happy or Lucky
Summus Top of
Sinister Left
Medius Middle of
Durus Hard or Harsh
Barbarus Strange
Aureus Golden
Laetus Happy
Senex Old
Propinquus Near
Aequus Level or Just
Posterus Following
Multa Nocte Late in the night
Prima Luce Early in the day
Quam Primum As Soon As Possible
Undique From Everywher
Ut As
Tandem Finally
Prope Near or Nearly
Nondum Not Yet
Illuc To There
Huc To Here
Nisi If Not
Primum/Primo First
Statim At Once
Simul At the Same Time
Simul Atque As Soon As
Paene Almost
Numquam Never
Cotidie Daily
Deinde Next
Created by: SFB