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lipid disorders


what are lipids diverse group of non polar molecules that are stored as energy or serve as hormones; 3 kinds: neutral, phospholipids and steroids
what are the three types of lipids Triglycerides: natural fat, energy source, 90% of total lipids in body. Phospholipids: replace one of fatty acids in triglyceride, builds plasma membranes. Steroids: cholesterol is a steroid that is natural and vital component of plasma membranes.
Hyperlipidemia High levels of lipids in the blood, major risk for cardiovascular disease. May be inherited or acquired
Hypercholesterolemia Elevated blood cholesterol
Dyslipidemia Abnormal (excess were deficient) levels of lipoprotein's
Types of cholesterol High density lipoprotein (HDL)= good cholesterol low density lipoprotein (LDL)= bad cholesterol
Standard lab values for lipids Total cholesterol: <200 is desirable LDL-cholesterol: moderate risk level starts at 130 HDL cholesterol: > 60 is desirable triglycerides: <149 desirable
Pt teaching hyperlipidemia Monitored blood lipid levels maintain weight; exercise reduce dietary saturated fats and cholesterol increase soluble fiber in diet reduce or eliminate tobacco use use of plant sterols in stanols
Atorvastatin/Lipitor lovastatin/Mevacor rosuvastatin/Crestor simvastatin/Zocor Classification: HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors/statins therapeutic class: anti-hyperlipidemic inhibits HMG-COA reductase by making more LDL receptors and increase the removal of LDL from the blood.
STATINS- drug interactions antifungal's, HIV protease inhibitors, telaprevir, macrolide antiobotics- myopathy and rhabdomyolysis. Atorvastatin may ^ levels of digoxin and BC. Erythromycin increase affect of atorvastatin. No ethanol due of effects liver function.
Statins side effects & food/herbal interactions Side effects: H/A, GI issues, liver damage, rhabdomyolysis (muscle breakdown), liver disease. No grapefruit juice- poss toxicity. Red yeast rice ^ effects of atorvastatin. CoQ10 supplements may be needed.
Cholestyremine/ Questran Class: anti-hyperlipidemic Questran bile acid sequestrant that binds w bile acids and excreted through feces. admin: mix powder w 60 to 80 mL H2O. Give stat to avoid irritation or obstruction of G.I. tract. Other meds given 2hr prior/4 hr after questran
cholestyremine/ Questran drug/food/herbal interactions drug: Digoxin, penicillins, thyroid hormone, thiazide diuretics binds with questran and interfere with absorption. questran increase anticoagulants by decreasing vitamin K. herb/food: give on an empty stomach may interfere with nutrients.
cholestyremine/ Questran side effects side effects: Constipation, bloating, gas, nausea. Contradictions: total biliary obstruction with prior hypersensitivity to drug Preg cat C May take 30 days to reach maximum effect
ezetimibe/ Zetia class: anti-hyperlipidemic- Cholesterol absorption inhibitors that blocks absorption in the small intestines causing less cholesterol to enter the blood. side effects: nasal pharyngitis, myalgia, URI, arthralgia, diarrhea. preg cat C. given w statin
Hyperlipidemic Drugs Prior assessments: hx of cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, GI, poss preg. tx assessments: LFT'S, LIPIDS, CK (CREATINE KINASE), uric acid levels. side: musculoskeletal, GI, Decreased ADL's, yellow sclera/skin, constipation, tarry stools, numb/ting
hyperlipidemic lifespan Older adults metabolism and excretion decreases. Monitor ethnically pts for Max effects and min adverse effects. Hispanics/native Americans gallbladder 0 pregnancy or breast-feeding/lactation older risk of bleeding due to vit K def, dizziness.
Created by: bryant-41892