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The Verger

Characterization- He wore it with complacence for it was the dignified symbol of his office, and with out it he had the disconcerting sensation of being somewhat insufficiently clad.” [Great Pride in work] (1st paragraph)
Point of View- . “There had been a Christening that afternoon at St. Peter’s Neville Square. And Albert Edward Foreman still wore his verger’s gown.” [Foreman is the main character, but it is in 3rd person] (1st paragraph)
Events- Vicor speaking to verger (Foreman) “’You’ve been here a great many years and I think his lordship and the general agree with me that you’ve fulfilled the duties of your office to the satisfaction of every-body concerned.” [5th paragraph] (important)
Theme- That’s the most extraordinary thing I ever heard.” “And do you mean to say that you’ve built up this important business and amused a fortune of thirty thousand pounds without being able to read or write?” (last paragraph)
Symbolism- Symbolism- Cigarette’s symbolize change and new beginning. “…He looks about himself for a shop where he could buy a packet of Gold Flakes…”
Irony- “Good God, man, what would you be now if you had been able to?...a little smile on his still aristocratic features. ‘I’d be a verger of St. Peter’s Neville Square. “ (Last paragraph)
structure Structure- The structure of the short story is extremely interesting. Maugham the author, did an excellent job of repetition when the verger, Albert, told a different person about his inability to read and write.
Created by: alexiashea