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toire toilet
tearai bathroom
tasukete help
wakarimasen I don't understand
yamete! stop it
eigo english
fuku Clothes
keisatsu police
abunai dangerous
doushita? what happened?
doushite? why?
nani? what?
jikan? time?
shitsumon Question
dare who
itsu when
sensei Teacher
gakusei student
kaishain employee
hito Person
watashi I
anata you
hoteru hotel
doko where
kuukou airport
eki station
nihon japan
daigaku college
honya bookstore
takushi taxi
chi/ie home
hara hetta hungry
tabemasu to eat
tabemasen to not eat
nomimasu to drink
nomimasen to not drink
mizu water
nomimono drink
tabemono food
oishii Tasty
mazui Bad Tasting
resutoran Restaurant
konbini Convenience Store
suupaa Super Market
arigatougozaimasu thank you
sumimasen Excuse Me
gomennasai Sorry
itadakimasu give thanks for food
gochisousama deshita thanks for food
ohayougozaimasu Good Morning
konnichiwa Good Afternoon
konbanwa Good Evening
dewamata See You Later
mata ashita See You Tomorrow
sayounara Good bye
oyasuminasai Good Night
ikimasu To Go
kaerimasu To Return
shimasu to do
mimasu To See
kaimasu To Buy
machimasu To Wait
kakimasu To Write
tomarimasu to stop
oshiemasu To Teach
hanashimasu To Speak
atarashii new
ureshii happy
daijoubu okay
sugoi amazing
takai Expensive / Tall
ookii Big, Large
chiisai small
chikai near
tooi far
warui Bad
ii good
Omoshiroi Interesting
tanoshii fun
atsui hot
samui cold
jouzu good at
heta bad at
aka red
ao blue
kuro black
midori green
kiiro yellow
shiro white
baka stupid
hyaku 100
sen 1000
man 10 000
en yen
ai love
hi sun
tsuki moon
haru spring
natsu summer
aki autumn/fall
fuyu winter
naru learn
inu dog
okami wolf
onna no ko girl
ottoko no ko boy
onna woman
ottoko man
kanojo she
kare he
yama mountain
yuki snow
shio salt
kairi ocean
nami waves
ki tree
pan bread
kaze wind
bokutachi we for boys
hashi chopsticks
meat yaki
to and
boots butsu
tea ocha
wakarimasu i understand
tsuka reta im tired
moa more
mazui bad situation
sugoi awesome
anzen safe
naze why
nandero Im thinking
ashita tommorow
Created by: chugga



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