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Song School Latin Book 2

ad to, toward
agricola farmer
albus, alba, album white
altus, alta, altum high
amabo te please
ambulo I walk
amica female friend
amicus male friend
amo I love
annus year
ante before
Aprilis April
arbor tree
architectus architect
artifex artist
ater,atra,atrum black
athleta athlete
attole manum raise your hand
attollite manus raise your hand
Augustus August
aurantis, aurantia orange
auris ear
aurora dawn, morning
aurum gold
autumnus fall
avis bird
balneum bath
bellum war
bene well, fine
beneficus, benefica kind, generous
bibo I drink
bonus, bona, bonum good
brevis, breve short
caelum sky
caeruleus, caerulea blue
canis dog
cano I sing
caput head
carmen song
casa house
celebratio celebration
cena dinner
cibus food
circum around
cito fast, quickly
clamo I shout
collis hill
color color
colores colors
contra against
coquo I cook
corona crown
corpus body
crustulum cookie
cum with
curro I run
de down from, concerning, about
decem ten
decem December
dico I speak, say
Dies Iovis Thursday
Dies Junae Monday
Dies Martis Tuesday
Dies Mercurii Wednesday
Dies Saturni Saturday
Dies Solis Sunday
Dies Veneris Friday
dies day
dilifen,diligentis, careful, attentive
diligenter carefully
discipuli students
do I give
donum gift
dormia I sleep
dum while
duo two
edo I eat
epulae feast
equito I ride a horse
equus horse
ex out of
extra outside of
fabula story
familia family
Februarius February
feles cat
femina woman
fenestra window
fessus,fessa,fessum tired
fidelis, fidele faithful
flavus,flava, flavum yellow
flos flower
flumen river
folium leaf
forte bravely
fortis, forte brave, strong
frater brother
fructus fruits
gemma jewel
gladius sword
grammatica grammar, language arts
herba plant
Hic mensis est This month is
hiems winter
historia history
Hodie est Today is
hora hour
hortus garden
humilis, humile humble
humus ground, dirt
Ianuarius Jnauary
ignosce excuse me
imber rain
infans baby
inter between, among
iulius July
laboro I work
lac milk
lacus lake
laudo I praise
lavo I wash
lectio reading
lectus bed
lente slowly
leo lion
liber book
longus, longa,longum long
ludus game, school, play
luna moon
lux light
magister male teacher
magistra female teacher
magnus, magna, magnum great, bib
Maius May
malus, mala, malum bad
manus hand
mare sea
Martius March
mater mother
mathematica math
medicus doctor
mensa table
mensis month
meridies noon
Meum praenomen est My name is
miles soldier
mons mountain
murus wall
musica female musician
musica music
musica male musician
nares nose
narro I tell
nauta sailor
navigo I sail
navis ship, boat
negotium job, occupation
nimbus cloud
nix snow
non not
novem nine
November November
nox night
numquam never
nune now
oboediens, oboedientis obedient
octo eight
October October
oculus eye
optime best
oro I pray
os mouth
panis bread
parvus, parva, parvum small
pasco I feed
pastor shepherd
pater father
patria country, fatherland
pes foot
pessime badly, terrible
physica science
pisces fish
poeta poet
pone behind
populus people
porta door, gate
porto I carry
post after
prex prayer
prope near
puelle girl
puer boy
pugno I fight
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum pretty, handsome
pullus chicken
purgo I clean
purpureus, purpurea, purpureum purple
quandratus, quandrata, quandratum square
quattuor four
Qui dies est? What day is it?
Qui mensis What month is it?
Quid agis? How are you?
Quid est tuum praenomen? What is your name?
quinque five
regina queen
regno I reign
regnum kingdom
rego I rule, direct
repete repeat
repetite repeat, to more than one person
rex king
rotundus, rotunda, rotundum round
ruber, rubra, rubrum red
saepe often
salve hello
sapiens, sapientis wise
saxum rock
scribe write
scribite write
scribo I write
sciptio writing
scriptor writer
sede sit
sedete sit
sella chair
semper always
senator senator, politician
septem seven
September September
septimana week
servus male slave
sex six
silva forest
sol sun
solium throne
soror sister
specto I look at
stella star
stratum blanket
structor builder
studiousus,studiosa, studiosum eager to learn
stylus pencil
sub under
sum I am
supra over, above, on top of
surge rise, stand up
surgite rise, stand up, more than one person
sursum up
susurro I whisper
tabernarius shopkeeper
tace be quiet
tacete be quiet-more than person
tempus time
tibi gratias ago thank you
trans across
tres three
triangulus, trangula, triangulum triangular
tyrannus ruler, dictator
unda wave
unus one
ursa bear
vale good-bye
vehor in vehicula I ride in a car
venator hunter
ventus wind
ver spring
verax, veracis truthful, honest
vesper evening
video I see
vigil guard, policeman, fireman
vinco I conquer
vir man
viridis, viride green
virtus virtue, courage, excellence
vivo I live
voco I call
volo I fly
agnus lamb
aqua water
Created by: rkbonnette