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7th Unit 5b

Ecology Key Terms

Equilibrium State of ballance
Homeostasis The process of maintaining a stable, balanced internal envionment
Feedback Mechanism A process used by organisms to maintain homiostasis
Insulin A chemical hormone that lowers the level of glucose in the blood
Stomata Tiny openings in the leaves of plants that regulate water loss
Turgor Pressure The pressure of water within plant cells that allows them to maintain their shape.
Photosynthesis The process by which some organisms use sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to make their own food
Autotroph An organism that makes its own food; another name for a producer
Glucose A simple sugar produced by plants; this is a plants food
Chloroplast A plant cell organelle where photosynthesis takes place
Product A chemical substances formed as a result of a chemical reaction
Radiant Energy Energy from the sun
Pyramid A three-dimensional shape with triangular sides that meet in a point
Producer An organism that makes its own food; also known as an autotroph
Consumer An organism that takes in or consumes food; also known as a heterotroph
Trophic Relating to the feeding habits of different organisms in a food chain or web
Transfer of Energy The changing of energy from one form to another
Food Chain A model that shows how matter and energy move through an Ecosystem
Ecosystem A system formed by interaction of a community of organisms and their environment
Therrestrial Living on or having to with land
Marine Living in or having to do with a salt water environment
Estuary Where fresh water meets salt water
Environment The surroundings in which an organism lives
Prevailing Most common
Diverse Varied , assorted
Adaptation A modification or change that meets a need
Deciduous Shedding leaves annually
Precipitation Falling rain, snow, or hail formed from the condensation of moisture in the atmosphere
Transpiration The evaporation of water from the leaves of plants
Tundra Cold treeless plains in the arctic region
Varying Different
Disperse To spread material arround
Dormant A temporary state of inactivity
Topsoil The upper fertile layer of soil that plants grow in
Weathering The breaking down of rocks by environmental forces
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