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The most destructive storm on Earth. Hurricane
A _____ ______ forms when a large, high-pressure system lingers over an area for several days. air mass
A(n) _________ air mass is a polar air mass that forms over the northern Atlantic Ocean maritime
A boundary between two air masses is called a(n) _____. front
In a(n) ______ pressure system, rising air cools and water vapor condenses, forming clouds low
Cold air pushes underneath warm air because it is denser
In a(n) warm front, warm air ______over cold air. glides
A(n) _________ front forms when a fast moving cold front catches up with a slow moving warm front. occluded
The first stage of a thunderstorm is when ________ form clouds
Rapidly expanding air molecules near a bolt of lightening causes a sound called __________. thunder
Dry air masses that form over land are called _________ air masses continental
An air mass that forms near the equator is a(n) ________ air mass. tropical
The first stage of a thunderstorm is called the _________ stage. cumulus
A hurricane is also called a tropical cyclone or a _______. typhoon
Rain that freezes when water its the cold surfaces. freezing rain
A severe winter storm, characterized by freezing temps, strong winds and blowing snow. blizzards
The amount of water vapor in the air. humidity
The measure of average kinetic energy. temperature
The _____ stage of a thunderstorm contains heavy winds, rain and lightening mature
During the _________ stage of a thunderstorm, wind an drain stop. dissipation
Lightning is caused by oppositely ____________ particles in clouds and the ground. charged
Tornado _________ is the name for the part of the US that has the most tornadoes. alley
Air ______ from High pressure to low pressure moves
Warm air __________. rises
cool air ______. sinks
High pressure produces _________ a sky clear
Low pressure produces a __________ day. cloudy
a _____ pressure system is a large body of circulating air that has high pressure at its center. high
_________ air is cold and dry arctic
As water vapor rises and cools, it ________ to form liquid water condenses
When water falls from the sky, it is called precipitation
________ form when updrafts from thunderstorms start to rotate. tornadoes
Tornadoes are due to _________ of a thunderstorm. rotation.
Hurricanes occur when the wind speeds exceed ______ km per hour. 119
Hurricanes form over water in the _________. oceans
A severe ______ is issued then severe whether is already occurring. warning
A severe ______ is issued then severe whether is possible. watch
Maritime air masses form over _____. water
Continental air masses form over _____. Land
Polar air masses form in _______ areas. cold
Tropical air masses form in ______ areas. warm
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