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Universe Theories

Theories of the Universe

Heliocentric Model belief that the sun was in the middle of the universe; the model that we currently believe
Geocentric Model belief that the Earth was in the middle of the universe
How are the Heliocentric and Geocentric Models alike? They both believe that the planets are moving. They both believe the moon orbits Earth. They are both theories.
Big Bang Theory belief that the universe began (formed) as a large explosion of matter and energy that continues to expand today
Put these in order from smallest to largest: Universe, Earth, Galaxy Earth, Galaxy, Universe
According to the Big Bang Theory, how long ago was our universe created? 14 billion years ago
name of our galaxy Milky Way
three types of galaxies spiral, elliptical, and irregular
type of galaxy that we are spiral
where we are located in our galaxy in the outer arm called Orion
gravity the force that causes the planets to remain in orbit around the sun, the force that pulls two objects toward each other, and the force that keeps us from floating away from the ground
theory explanation or model that is backed by scientific evidence; a theory can change
What can cause a theory to change? A scientist can discover new information.
How did Galileo observe the solar system? with a telescope
How do the planets orbit the sun? in an elliptical motion
Created by: Nisey1996