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Neighbor Rosicky

matching quotes with literary elements

"With Mary, to feed creatures was the natural expression of affection...Some country housekeepers would have stopped to spread a white cloth over the oilcloth, to change the thick cups and plates for their best china...But not Mary." characterization
"When Doctor Burleigh told neighbour Rosicky he had a bad heart, Rosicky protested." point of view
"'I guess maybe there is something of that kind going to happen. But I haven't told anyone yet, not my mother or Rudolph. You'll be the first to know.' His hand pressed hers...'I like mighty well to see dat little child, Polly,' was all he said." event
"From the way she glared, she might have been in a rage with him. 'He says there's something the matter with your heart? Doctor Ed says so?' 'Now don't yell at me like I was a hog in de garden, Mary.'" tone
"Cities of the dead, indeed; cities of the forgotten, of the 'put away.'" symbolism
"He rattled out of town and along the highway through a wonderfully rich stretch of country, the finest farms in the county...His own place lay in a rougher territory, where there was some clay in the soil and it was not so productive." setting
"'Why don't you git married? I'm worried about you. Settin' at breakfast, I looked at you real hard, and I seen you've got some grey hairs already.' 'Oh, yes! They're coming. Maybe they'd come faster if I married.'" irony
"...maybe you couldn't enjoy your life and put it into the bank, too." theme
Created by: phoebe11