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Photogram & Mounting

this information will help you with the Quiz!!

What does photogram mean? Light drawing, latin
What is the origin of the word photogram? shadow image
What chemicals are needed to process a black an white image? Stop bath, fixer, developer, wash bath
List the chemicals in order. Developer, stop bath, fixer, wash bath.
How long must the print be in the developer for? 2-3 minutes
How long in the stop bath? 15-30 seconds
How long in the fixer? 2 minutes
How long in the wash bath? 4-5 minutes
When processing your print when is it ok to turn on the lights? NEVER
What does latent image mean? The image has been exposed to the paper but doesn't appear until later after it is developed.
What are two reasons that your image turned totally black when developing? 1) Paper was over exposed due to improper f-stop usage. 2)Paper was exposed to yellow light.
What are two reasons that your print remained white while developing? 1)Forgot to turn the timer on. 2)The paper was covered while exposing.
What is a alkaline chemical that causes light struck crystals to turn black? Print developer
What is an acidic chemical that stops the developing process? Stop bath
Which aperature setting do you use for 5x7 and 8x10? F16, F 11 and F 8
Name the 3 possible styles to mount a photograph. Flush, Equal, Weighted
Created by: MsDeJong