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Health science

How is the embryo protected The placenta acts as a filter and prevents some harmful substances and germs from entering the embryo
What surrounds the embryo A sac called the amnion
What Is the function of the amniotoc fluid To protect the baby,sterilized and lubricate the birth canal and helps keep the body warm
Indentify two materials that pass from mother to foetus and two that pass from foetus to mother Oxygen,food,carbon dioxide and wastes
Name two structures that make up the afterbirth Placenta and umbilical cord
Explain how identical and fraternal twins are form Fraternal twins arise if two eggs are shed from the ovaries at the same time and both fertilized.identical twins arise when a single egg is shed from one of the ovaries and fertilized in the usual way then spilts into two cells,each of which develops into
How old is a boy when he starts to make sperm 11 or16 years old
What is the harmone that causes boys to grow chest hair Testosterone
At what age does a girl start to see her period 10 or15 years old
What is the name of the harmone that causes girls breast to develop Estrogen
Where is ova and sperm made Ova is made in the ovary and sperm is made in the testes
What is fertilization Fertilization is the joining of a male sex cell,a sperm,with a female sex cell,an ovum,to form a new cell
What is the next term for a fertilized egg Zygote
What cause a penis to become erect When blood has filled the spaces in erectile tissue
What is pregnancy The development of the fertilized egg into a new baby
What is implantation The sinking of the fertilized egg into the lining of the of the womb
When does pregnancy begins When the ball of cells implants itself
How long does it take for a fertilized egg to be implanted One or more hours
What is the menstrual The time between one period and the next is the menstual cycle
How long does each menstrual cycle usually take 28 days
What happens during a menstrual period The lining of the uterus breaks apart.as menstruation begins an egg starts to mature in the ovary
What happens 14 days after the start of the period A mature egg is released from the ovary
What is the release of a mature ovum called
What harmonies does the ovary produce Estrogen and progesterone
What is the difference between the embryo and the fetuos The embryo is an unborn offspring in the process of development and the fetus is the start of an developing of pregnancy till delivery
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