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American Government

Test 2 Review

Article 1 of the Constitution Legislative branch
Article 2 of the Constitution Executive branch
Article 3 of the Constitution Judicial branch
"Necessary and proper" laws Elastic clause
Jurisdiction of the federal courts Bankruptcy
Amendment approval Ratification
Petition Appeal
Accuse Impeach
First Amendment protects free speech
Bill of Rights First 1 amendments
Popular sovereignty refers to rule by? The people
This section of the Constitution states why it was written? The Preamble
As established by the Farmers, the voice of the people was to be represented in the? House of Representatives
Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution lists specific powers granted to Congress, known as? Enumerated powers
The judicial branch can check the power of the other two branches of government through the power of? Judicial review
Under Chief Justice Earl Warren, the Supreme Court demonstrated? Judicial activism
The Equal Rights Amendment raised questions because? States voted to revoke their ratification
An agreement between the president and the head of a foreign government is known as? Treaty
False speech to damage a person's reputation is? Slander
Poll taxes hurt low-income African Americans because they had to pay taxes in order to? Vote
Created by: challenge4it