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latin/english vocab

dies, diei, m day
ferrum, i , n iron; sword
fides, fidei, f faith trust fidelity
ignis, ignis, m fire
modus, i, m measure bound limit manner method
res, rei, f thing, matter
res publica, rei publicae, f state
spes, spei, f hope
aequus, a um level, even calm equal
felix gen felicis lucky fortunate
incertus, a um uncertain, unsure, doubtful
latinus, a um latin
medius a um middle
quondam formerly, once
ultra + acc on the other side of, beyond
protinus immediately
cerno, cernere, crevi, cretum to distinguish, discern perceive
eripio, -ripere, -ripui, -reptum to snatch away
inquit he said
tollo, tollere sustuli, sublatum to raise, life up, take away, remove
casa ae f house cottage
causa ae f cause reason case
fenestra ae f window
finis, finis m end limit boundary purpose
gens, gentis f clan race nation people
mundus i m world universe
navis navis f ship boat
salus salutis f health safety greeting
troia ae f troy
vicinus i m neighbor
vulgus i n mob common ppl
asper aspera asperum rough harsh
atque or ac and and also and even
iterum again a second time
contineo -tinere -tinui -tentum to hold together contain keep enclose restrain
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussum to bid, order, command
laboro to labor be in distress
rapio rapere rapui raptum to seize snatch carry away
relinquo linquere liqui lictum to leave behind leave abandon desert
scio scire scivi scitum to know
tango tangere tetigi tactum to touch
coniurati orum m conspirators
cornu cornus n horn
fructus fructus m fruit profit benefit
genu genus n knee
manus manus f hand band handwriting
metus us m fear dread anxiety
mons montis m mountain
senatus us m senate
sensus us m feeling sense
servitus servitutis f servitude slavery
spiritus us m breath breathing spirit soul
versus us m line of verse
communis commune common general of/for the community
dexter dextra dextrum right right handed
sinister sinistra sinistrum left left handed
careo, carere carui cariturum + abl of sep to be without be deprived of lack
defendo -fendere, -fendi, fensum 3 to defend protect
discedo -cedere -cessi -cessum 2 to go away depart
odi odisse osurum to hate
prohibeo -hibere -hibui -hibitum 2 to prevent, hinder, restrain
pronuntio (1) to proclaim, announce
argumentum, i , n proof, evidence argument
auctor, auctoris, m increaser, author
beneficium, ii, n benefit, kindness, favor
familia, ae, f household, family
graecia, ae f Greece
iudex, iudicis, m judge juror
iudicium, ii, n judgment, decision, opinion
scelus, sceleris, n evil deed, crime, sin
quis quid inter pronoun who whose whom what which?
qui quae quod int adj what which what kind of
certus a um definite certain reliable
gravis, grave heavy serious important
immortalis, immortale immortal
at but, but mind you
nisi if...not; unless; except
contra + acc against
iam now, already, soon
delecto (1) to delight, charm, please
libero (1) to free, liberate
paro (1) to prepare, provide
flumen, fluminis,n river
genus, generis, n origin, kind, sort
hostis, hostis, m an enemy
ludus, i, m game sport school
probitas, probitatis, f honesty
scientia, ae f knowledge
clarus, a um clear bright famous
mortalis, mortale mortal
cur why
deinde next then
fluo, fluere, fluxi, fluxum 3 to flow
lego, legere, legi, lectum 3 to pick out, choose, read
misceo, miscere, miscui, mixtum 2 to mix, stir up, disturb
moveo, movere, movi, motum 2 to move, arouse, affect
videor, videri, visus sum to be seen, seem, appear
terra ground
causa reason
puella girl
aqua water
via road
gratia grace
littera letter (of the alphabet)
hora hour
filia daughter
silva woods
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