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Unseen Trans STUVZ

Some Common Words likely to occur in Unseen translation

saevus, -a, -um (adj) savage
salio, -ire, -ui, saltum (intr) jump
saltus, -us (m) pass, glade
salvus, -a, -um (adj) safe
sano, -are, -avi, -atum (tr) cure
sata, -orum (n pl) crops
sero, serere, sevil, satum sow
satis (adv) enough
scelus, -eris (n) crime
scopulus, -i (m) crag
securus, -a, -um (adj) care-free
cegnis, -e (adj) idle, slow
semen, -inis (n) seed
serus, -a, -um (adj) late
sero (adv) late
siccus, -a, -um (adj) dry
sicut (adv) just as
sidus, -eris (n) star
simulacrum, -i (n) likeness, phantom
sinister, -tra, -trum (adj) left hand
sino, -ere, sivi, situm (tr) allow
sinus, -us (m) curve, lap, sail
sodalis, -is (m) friend
sollicitus, -a, -um (adj) anxious
sopor, -oris (m) sleep
soror, -oris (f) sister
sors, sortis (f) lot, chance
sospes, -itis (adj) safe
spatium, -i (n) space
sponte (indecl) of one's own accord
spiritus, -us (m) breath
spiro, -are, -avi, -atum (intr) breathe
stipendium, -i (n) pay
strepitus, -us (m) noise
studium, -i (n) eagerness, pursuit
stultus, -a, -um (adj) foolish
suavis, -e (adj) pleasant
subigo, -ere, -egi, -actum (tr) subdue
subitus, -a, -um (adj) sudden
sublimis, -e (adj) lofty
subsidium, -i (n) help
succurro, -ere, -curri, -cursum (intr + dat) help
suffragium, -i (n) vote
superbus, -a, -um (adj) proud
supersum, -esse, -fui (intr) survive, remain
supplex, -icis (c) suppliant
supplicium, -i (n) punishment
sustineo, -ere, -ui, -tentum (tr) support, withstand
tacitus, -a, -um (adj) silent
taedet (impers) it wearies
tamquam (adv) as if
tardus, -a, -um (adj) slow
taurus, -i (m) bull
tectum, -i (n) roof, house
tenebrae, -arum (f pl) darkness
tenuis, -e (adj) thin
tepidus, -a, -um (adj) warm
testis, -is (c) witness
tollo, -ere, sustuli, sublatum (tr) raise, remove
torus, -i (m) couch
transfuga, -ae (m) deserter
trepidus, -a, -um (adj) frightened
trucido, -are, -avi, -atum kill
trux, trucis (adj) fierce
tuba, -ae (f) trumpet
tueor, tueri, tuitus (dep) kill
tumidus, -a, -um (adj) swollen
tumulus, i (m) mound, tomb
turpis, -e (adj) ugly, disgraceful
udus, -a, -um (adj) wet
ulciscor, -i, ultus (dep) avenge
umerus, -i (m) shoulder
umidus, -a, -um (adj) wet
unguis, -is (m) nail
ursus, -i (m) bear
uter, utra, utrum (pron) which of two
uterque, utraque, utrumque (pron) each of two
utinam (adv with subj) if only, wish that
uxor, -oris (f) wife
vacca, -ae (f) cow
vado, -ere, vasi, vasum (intr) go
vadum, i (n) shallow, ford
vagor, vagari, vagatus (dep) wander
valeo, valere, valui, valitum (intr) be well, fare well
validus, -a, -um (adj) strong
vates, -is (c) poet, seer
veho, -ere, vexi, vectum (tr) carry
vehor, vehi, vectus (dep) rise, sail
vel, -ve (conj) or
velox, -ocis (adj) swift
velum, -i (n) sail
velut (adv) as if
venenum, -i (n) poison
venia, -ae (f) pardon, leave
venor, venari, venatus (tr) hunt
ver, veris (n) spring
verber, -eris (n) lash
vereor, vereri, veritus (dep) fear
vertex, -icis (m) head, peak, whirlpool
vestigium, -i (n) footprint, trace
vicinus, -a, -um (adj) neighbouring
vigilia, -ae (f) watch
vilis, -e (adj) cheap
vinculum, -i (n) bond, chain
virga, -ae (f) sitck
viridis, -e (adj) green
vitium, -i (n) fault
vix (adv) scarecely
volo, volare, volavi, volatum (intr) fly
volucris, -e (f) bird
votum, -i (n) vow
vultus, -us (m) face
zephyrus, -i (m) west wind
Created by: wingyungchan



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