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Unseen Trans PQR

Some Common Words likely to occur in Unseen translation

pabulum, -i (n) fodder
paene (adv) almost
paenitet (impers) it repents, it gives reason to regret
palam (adv) openly
palus, -udis (f) marsh
pando, -ere, -i, pansum (or passum) (tr) open, spread
pateo, -ere, -ui (intr) lie open
patior, -i, passus (dep) suffer, allow
paulum (adv) a little
pavor, -oris (m) panic
pecco, -are, -avi, -atum (intr) sin
pelagus, -i (n) sea
penates, -ium (m pl) household gods, home
penna, -ae (f) feather
percutio, -ere, -cussi, -cussum (tr) pierce, strike
pereginus, -a, -um (adj) foreign
perago, -ere, -egi, -actum (tr) accomplish
perennis, -e (adj) everlasting
pereo, -ire, -ii, -itum (intr) die
pergo, -ere, -rexi, -rectum (intr) proceed
peritus, -a, -um (adj + gen) skilled in
pernicies, -iei (f) ruin
piget (impers) it vexes
piger, -gra, -grum (adj) lazy
pignus, -noris (n) pledge
piscis, -is (m) fish
placeo, -ere, -ui (intr + dat) please
placo, -are, -avi, -atum (tr) appease
plango, -ere, -nxi, -nctum (tr) beat, lament
plenus, -a, -um (adj0 full
plerique, -aeque, -aque (adj) most
ploro, -are, -avi, -atum (intr) weep for
pluvia, -ae (f) rain
pocumul, -i (n) cup
poena, -ae (f) punishment
polliceor, polliceri, pollicitus (dep) promise
pomum, -i (n) fruit
pondus, -eris (n) weight
pontus, -i (m) sea
populor, -ari, atus (dep) ravage
porrigo, -ere, -rexi, -rectum stretch out
post (prep + acc) after
postea (adv) after
postquam (conj) after
postridie (adv) on the next day
praebeo, -ere, -ui, itum (tr) provide, show
paeceps, -cipitis (adj) headlong
praeficio, -ere, -feci, -fectum (tr + dat) put in charge of
praemium, -i (n) reward
praesidium, -i (n) reward
praesto, -are, -stiti (intr + dat) be superior to
praesum, -esse, -fui (intr + dat) be in command of
praeter (prep + acc) past, besides
prandium, -i (n) lunch
pravus, -a, -um (adj) wicked
precor, precari, precatus (dep) pray
prehendo, -ere, -hendi, -hensum (tr) seize
pretium, -i (n) price
priscus, -a, -um (adj) former
pristinus, -a, -um (adj) former
probo, -are, -avi, -atum (tr) prove, approve of
procella, -ae (f) storm
prodo, -ere, -didi, -ditum (tr) betray
propero, -are, -avi, -atum (intr) hasten
propinquus, -a, -um (adj) near
propter (prep + acc) on account of
protinus (adv) at once
pudet (impers) it shames
pulvis, -veris (m) dust
puppis, -is (f) stern, ship
quilibet, quaelibet, quidlibet (indef pron) anyone you like
quivis, quaevis, quidvis (indef pron) anyone you like
quomodo (adv) how
radix, -icis (f) root
ramus, -i (m) branch
recuso, -are, -avi, -atum (tr) refuse
refert (impers) it concerns
regia, -ae (f) palace
regina, -ae (f) queen
regius, -a, -um (adj) royal
remus, -i (m) oar
repente (adv) suddenly
reperio, -ire, repperi, repertum (tr) find
rete, -is (n) net
reus, -i (m) accused person
rite (adv) duly
robur, -oris (n) oak, strength, picked men
rogus, -i (m) funeral pyre
ros, roris (m) dew
rostrum, i (n) beak
rostra, rostrorum platform
ruber, -bra, -brum (adj) red
rupes, -is (f) rock
rursus (adv) again
Created by: wingyungchan