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Unseen Trans LMNO

Some Common Words likely to occur in Unseen translation

lacer, -era, -erum (adj) torn
lacesso, -ere, -ivi, -itum (tr) attack
laedo, -ere, laesi, -sum (tr) hurt
laetus, -a, -um (adj) glad
laevus, -a, -um (adj) left hand
lassus, -a, -um (adj) tired
lateo, -ere, -ui (intr) lie hid, lurk
latro, -onis (m) robber
lenis, -e (adj) gentle
lentus, -a, -um (adj) slow
letum, -i (n) death
libet (impers) it pleases
libens, -entis (adj) willing, cheerful
ligo, -are, -avi, -atum (tr) bind
limen, liminis (n) threshold
litus, litoris (n) shore
lumen, luminis (n) light, eye
luctus, -us (m) grief
lucus, -i (m) grove
madidus, -a, -um (adj) wet
maereo, -ere (intr) mourn
maestus, -a, -um (adj) sad
mando, -are, -avi, -atum (tr) entrust, (+ dat) bid
maritus, -i (m) husband
marmor, -oris (n) marble, sea
maturus, -a, -um (adj) early, ripe
matutinus, -a, -um (adj) morning
medeor, -eri (dep + dat) heal
mel, mellis (n) honey
memini, -isse (defect) remember
mendacium, -i (n) lie
mentior, mentiri, mentitus (dep) tell lies
mereor, mereri, meritus (dep) deserve
meritum, -i (n) desert, service
messis, -is (f) harvest
metuo, -ere, -ui, -utum (tr) fear
metus, -us (m) fear
minae, -arum (f pl) threats
minor, minari, minatus (dep) threaten
miror, mirari, miratus (dep) wonder at
mitis, -e (adj) gentle
miseret (impers) it distrsses, pity
moles, -is (f) mass
molestus, -a, -um (adj) irksome
mollis, -e (adj) soft
morbus, -i (m) disease
mordeo, -ere, momordi, morsum (tr) bite
mugio, -ire, -ivi, -itum (intr) bellow, make a loud deep noise
mulier, -eris (f) oman
munitio, -onis (f) fortification
munus, -eris (n) gift, duty
muto, -are, -avi, -atum (tr) change
mutus, -a, -um (adj) dumb
nebula, -ae (f) cloud
nefas (indecl n) crime
negotium, -i (n) business
nemus, nemoris (n) grove
nepos, -otis (m) grandson
nequiquam (adv) in vain
nex, necis (f) death
nimbus, -i (m) cloud
nimis, nimium (adv) too much
nitidus, -a, -um (adj) shining
nitor, -i, nixus (or nisus) (dep) lean on, strive
nix, nivis (f) snow
noceo, -ere, -ui, -itum (intr + dat) hurt
notus, -i (m) south wind
notus, -a, -um (ppp) known
nubilus, -a, -um (adj) cloudy
numen, numinis (n) divine power
nutrix, -icis (f) nurse
obicio, -ere, -ieci, -iectum (tr) put in the way of
obliviscor, oblivisci, oblitus (dep) forget
obruo, -ere, -ui, -utum (tr) overwhelm
obsecro, -are, -avi, -atum (tr) beg
obsto, -are, -stiti, -statum (intr + dat) hinder
obstupesco, -ere, -stupui (intr) be amazed
obtineo, -ere, -tinui, -tentum (tr) hold
obviam eo, ire, ivi, itum (intr + dat) go to meet
occulo, -ere, -ui, -cultum (tr) hide
occurro, -ere, -curri, -cursum (intr + dat) meet
ocius (adv) more quickly
odi, odisse (defect) hate
olim (adv) formerly
omnino (adv) altogether
onus, oneris (n) burden
opacus, -a, -um (adj) shady
opimus, -a, -um (adj) rich
opto, -are, -avi, -atum (tr) desire
orbis, -is (m) circle, earth
orbus, -a, -um (adj) deprived of
osculum, -i (n) kiss
ostendo, -ere, -tendi, -tentum (tr) show
otium, -i (n) leisure
ovis, -is (f) sheep
ovum, -i (n) egg
Created by: wingyungchan



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