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Unseen Trans EFGHI

Some Common Words likely to occur in Unseen translation

ebur, eboris (n) ivory
ecce (interj) behold
egeo, egere, egui (tr + abl) need, require
egregius, -a, -um (adj) excellent
ensis, -is (m) sword
epulae, -arum (f. pl) feast
ergo (conj) therefore
eurus, -i (m) east wind
evenio, -ire, eveni, eventum (intr) happen
exiguus, -a, -um (adj) small
existimo, existimare, existimavi, existimatum (tr) think
exitium, -i (n) ruin
faber, -bri (m) smith
fabula, -ae (f) story
facies, -iei (f) face
facinus, -inoris (n) deed
facultas, -atis (f) chance
fallo, -ere, fefelli, falsum (tr) deceive
fas (indecl n) right
fateor, -eri, fassus (dep) confess
fenestra, -ae (f) window
festino, festinare, festinavi, festinatum (intr) hasten
festus, -a, -um (adj) festive
fervidus, -a, -um (adj) hot
flavus, -a, -um (adj) yellow
fletus, -us (m) weeping
fluctus, -us (m) wave
focus, -i (m) hearth
for, fari, fatus sum (dep) speak
foris, -is (f) door
formido, -inis (f) fear
formosus, -a, -um (adj) handsome
forsitan (adv) perhaps
fortasse (adv) perhaps
frenum, -i (n) bit (for a horse)
fretum, -i (n) sea
fretus, -a, -um (adj with abl) relying on
fulgur, -uris (n) lightning
fulmen, -minis (n) thunderbolt
fundo, -ere, fudi, fusum (tr) pour, rout
funus, -eris (n) funeral, death
fur, furis (m) thief
furtum, -i (n) theft
galea, -ae (f) helmet
gaudium, -i (n) joy
gelidus, -a, -um (adj) cold, icy
geminus, -a, -um (adj) double, twin
gemitus, -us (m) groan
gigno, -ere, genui, -itum (tr) produce, beget
glacies, -iei (f) ice
glorior, gloriari, gloriatus (dep) boast
gramen, -minis (n) grass
gratia, -ae (f) favour, thanks
gratus, -a, -um (adj) pleasing, grateful
habena, -ae (f) rein
harena, -ae (f) sand
heres, -edis (m) heir
heri (adv) yesterday
hortus, -i (m) garden
hospes, -itis (m) guest, host, stranger
huc (adv) hither
ianua, -ae (f) door
ictus, -us (m) blow
ictus, -a, -um (ppp) struck
idoneus, -a, -um (adj) suitable
ignavus, -a, -um (adj) idle, cowardly
ignosco, -ere, -novo, -notum (intr + dat) pardon
ignotus, -a, -um (adj) unknown
imago, -inis (f) likeness
immanis, -e (adj) huge
impar, -paris (adj) unequal
impetro, -are, -avi, atum (intr) obtain a request
impiger, -gra, -grum (adj) vigorous
improbus, -a, -um (adj) wicked
improvisus, -a, -um (adj) unawares
impune (adv) with impunity
inanis, -e (adj) empty, useless
incola, -ae (m) inhabitant
incolumis, -e (adj) safe
incus, -udis (f) anvil
indui, -ere, -ui, -utum (tr) put on
inermis, -e (adj) unarmed
iners, -ertis (adj) slack, sluggish
infestus, -a, -um (adj) hostile
inimicus, -i (m) private enemy
iniquus, -a, -um (adj) unequal, unfair
initium, -i (n) beginning
inopia, -ae (f) shortage
inops, -opis (adj) poor
inquit (defect) he said
insignis, -e (adj) conspicuous
insolitus, -a, -um unusual
insto, -are, -stiti, -stitum (intr) (+ dat) press hard on, (+ dat) attack
integer, -gra, -grum (adj) whole, untouched
intereo, -ire, -ii, -itum (intr) die
interest, -esse, -fuit (impers) it concerns
invenio, -ire, -veni, -ventum (tr) find
invisus, -a, -um (adj) hated
invitus, -a, -um (adj) unwilling
irritus, -a, -um (adj) useless
iugum, -i (n) yoke, hill
ius, iuris (n) right, law
Created by: wingyungchan