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Unseen Trans A

Some Common Words likely to occur in Unseen translation

abdo, -ere, -didi, -ditum (tr) hide
abhinc (adv) ago
accedo, -ere, -cessi, -cessum (intr) approach
accidit, -ere, accidit (impers) it happens
accipio, -ere, -cepi, -ceptum (tr) receive
acerbus, -a, -um (adj) bitter
acervus, -i (m) pile
acuo, -ere, -ui, -utum (tr) sharpen
adeo (adv) so much
adhuc (adv) still
adimo, -ere, -emi, -emptum (tr) take away
adipiscor, -i, adeptus (dep) obtain
adulescens, -entis (m) youth
adorior, -iri, -ortus (dep) attack
advena, -ae (m) stranger
aedes, -is (f) (sing and pl) temple (singular) house (plural)
aegre (adv) scarecely
aestimo, -are, -avi, -atum (tr) value
aether, -eris (m) (acc. aethera) air
aevum, -i (n) age
aggredior, -i, -gressus (dep) attack
agnosco, -ere, -novi, -nitum (tr) recognise
agnus, -i (m) lamb
agretis, -e (adj) rustic
ait (defect) he says
ala, -ae (f) wing
ales, -itis (c) bird
alacer, -cris, -cre (adj) brisk
albus, -a, -um (adj) white
alienus, -a, -um (adj) of another
ali- (compounds) some
aliquis, -a, -um (pron) someone
aliquando (adv) sometimes
alius, -a, -um (adj pron) another
almus, -a, -um (adj) kind
alo, -ere, alui, altum (tr) nourish
amarus, -a, -um (adj) bitter
ambo, -ae, -o (adj) both
amens, -entis (adj) mad
amitto, -ere, amisi, amissum (tr) lose
amnis, -is (m) river
amplector, -i, -plexus (dep) embrace
amplius (adv) more
anceps, -cipitis (adj) double, doubtful
anguis, -is (m) snake
angustus, -a, -um (adj) narrow
anima, -ae (f) spirit, breath
animadverto, -ere, -ti, -sum (tr) notice
anser, -eris (m) goose
ante (prep + acc) before
antea (adv) before
antequam (conj) before
antrum, -i (n) cave
anus, -us (f) old woman
aperio, -ire, -ui, -apertum (tr) open
apis, -is (f) bee
aptus, -a, -um (adj) fit
apud (prep + acc) at, near
aquila, -ae (f) eagle
arbitror, arbitrari, arbitratus sum (dep) think
arceo, arcere, arcui (tr) ward off
arcesso, -ere, -ivi, -itum (tr) summon
arcus, -us (m) bow
ardeo, -ere, arsi (intr) burn
argentum, -i (n) silver, money
arguo, -ere, -ui, -utum (tr) prove
aridus, -a, -um (adj) dry
aries, -etis (m) ram
armentum, -i (n) herd
artus, -uum (m. pl) limbs
arvum, -i (n) field
asper, -a, -um (adj) rough
at (conj) but
ater, atra, atrum (adj) black
atrium, -i (n) hall
atrox, atrocis (adj) fierce
auctoritas, -atis (f) authority
auser, austri (m) south wind
avarus, -a, -um (adj) greedy
avidus, -a, -um (adj) eager
Created by: wingyungchan