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last 100 vocab 1

abstemious sparing in the use of food and drink
chimerical fanciful
facet side;aspect
fetish object of worship
Machiavellian politically cunning
ochlocracy mob rule
omniscient all-knowing
pariah outcast
peremtorty decisive and final
poignant painfully moving
querulous complaining
specious subtly false
ubiquitous found everywhere
unctuous bland and smugly smooth in pretense of concern, sincerity, or spirituality
vainglorious boastful
monograph a treatise on one subject
monologue one person speech
monomania mental derangement confined to one idea
monoplane an airplane with one wing
monopoly control of any one thing
monosyllable one syllable word
monotheism belief in one god
monotone one unvarying tone
monarchy one ruler
monastery place in which a person lives alone under religious vows
monk the inhabitant of the place where they can live under religious vows
monotonous continuing in one unvarying way or tone
bicycle two wheeled vehicle
biennial occurring every two years
bifocals eyeglasses having two kinds of lenses
bigamy second marriage while the first marriage is still in effect
bimonthly every two months
binoculars something used for two eyes
biped an animal with two feet
biscuit something cooked twice
bisect cut into two
bivalve a marine animal with two shells
tricycle a vehicle of three wheels
trilateral having three sides
trilingual made up of, or pertaining to, three languages
trilogy a series of three literary or musical compositions
trimonthly every three months
trinity the union of three persons, as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost
trio three people who sing a song
triple consisting of three
triplets three children born simultaneously from the same mother
tripod a three-legged stand, as for a camera
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