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define death end of life
In order for death to occur, what two situations must cease? Circulation of blood and brain activity
What happens during autolysis? Heart stops beating and cells die because of no oxygen
Describe the job of a forensic pathologist. studies injuries and disease to determine the cause and manner of death
Name three procedures that a forensic pathologist can use to determine the identity of an individual. Fingerprints, photographs, scars and marks, physical description
Contrast manner of death, cause of death, and mechanism of death. Manner of death- Is the way that a person dies; Cause of death-pathological condition that produced death; Mechanism of death-Describes the specific change in the body that brought about death
Differentiate among the five manners of death. Natural- death by occurring disease process. Accidental- freak occurrence. Homicide- refers to the act of killing another person. Suicide-ending one’s own life. Undetermined- deaths in absentia, deaths at sea, missing persons declared dead in a court
Differentiate between a coroner and medical examiner. Coroner- elected public official. Medical Examiner- a forensic pathologist who conducts autopsies.
Why are autopsies important? Autopsy findings are critical in determining the intent or mode of death
How does livor mortis occur? As the body decomposes, blood seeps through tissues and settles in the lower parts of the body
Describe how livor mortis can be used to determine time of death. Livor mortis begins 2 hours after death. After 8 hours, livor mortis is permanent
Other than time of death, what else does livor mortis tell CSI’s? It can provide a clue into what position the person was in when they died
How does temperature affect livor mortis? On a hot day, livor mortis occurs at a faster rate. A cool place, livor mortis occurs at a slower rate
How does rigor mortis occur? muscles begin to stiffen
Where does rigor mortis begin? Rigor begins at the lower jaw and neck and spreads downward
Describe how rigor mortis can be used to determine time of death. Starts within 2 hours after death, After 12 hours-most stiff. Stiffness disappears after 36 hours
. Explain how the following conditions affect rigor mortis: temperature, weight, clothing, health, activity, and sun exposure. Cooler the body- slower. . rigor is slower in a heavier person. . clothes speeds rigor. If a person dies with a fever, will set in faster: If a person was exercising before death, then rigor will progress faster. A body exposed to direct sunlight will re
What is algor mortis? the temperature loss in a corpse
What is normal body temperature? 98.6
How many degrees does the body temperature drop after death? 1.4 degrees per hour
How is algor mortis determined? To determine the temperature of a corpse, a thermometer is inserted into the liver
Explain how the following conditions affect algor mortis: temperature, weight, and clothing. Temp: Body will lose heat faster in a cooler environment that in a warmer environment… Weight: Excess body fat will slow down algor mortis…..Clothing: Presence of clothes will slow down algor mortis
Explain how can the stomach contents be used to determine time of death. It takes 4-6 hours for the stomach to empty its contents in the small intestine and another 12 hours for the food to leave the small intestine
Explain how the eyes can be used to determine time of death. Eyes stay open, a thin film may form on the corneal surface, and cloudiness in two to three hours. Eyes remain closed, corneal film may not occur for hours, and cloudiness will takelonger to appear.
Describe what happens to the body 2 days after death. Cell autolysis begins, Green and purplish staining, The skin takes on a marbled appearance, The face becomes discolored
Describe what happens to the body 4 days after death. The skin blisters, The abdomen swells with the gas carbon dioxide
Describe what happens to the body 6 days after death. The corpse bloats, chest and abdominal cavities to burst and collapse, Fluids begin to leak from the body, Eyeballs and other tissues liquefy.
Describe how a person’s clothing affects decomposition. Naked bodies decompose faster than clothed bodies
Describe how a person’s size affects decomposition. The fat and fluids in overweight individuals break down faster
Describe how the environment affects decomposition. Bodies will decompose faster in a warm environment or in air, Bodies decompose slower in water or if buried
Describe how a person’s age affects decomposition.
Describe how a person’s health affects decomposition. Sick individuals decompose faster than healthy individuals
State the stages of decomposition and explain what happens in each of them. 1.) Initial decay -Corpse appears normal------autolysis 2.) Putrefaction -Odor of decaying flesh is present and the corpse appears swollen 3.)Black putrefaction -Very strong odor -Parts of the flesh appear black -corpse collapses 4.) Butyric ferme
Why would an autopsy occur? Conducted in deaths of criminal violence, suicide, accidental deaths, deaths where no physician was present, sudden deaths, prison deaths, and deaths that are suspicious or unusual
Why are new body bags used? to aviod transfer of evidence between cases
Contrast an external and internal examination. The external examination consists of inspecting the physical outer layer of the body for signs of foul play that would result in injury or death--The internal examination consists of inspecting the intern Photographed--Physical evidence collected off body
Explain what happens during an external examination. Photographed---------Physical evidence collected off body-----Samples of hair, nails, etc. are collected-----Undressed, examined for wounds; Lacerations, abrasions, bruises-----Measured, weighed, cleaned
Explain what happens during an internal examination. A cut is made and all the organs are taken out and weighed and measured and they look for unusual marking or signs
Contrast a Y and T shaped incision. Y-shaped incision starts behind each ear and running down the neck, meeting at the breastbone, continuing towards the groin….. T- shaped incision is from each shoulder, meeting at the breastbone, continuing towards the groin.
What happens when organs are removed? They are weighed and examined for unusual cuts or signs
What is the last step of the autopsy process? The body is closed up / paperwork is done
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