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vocab words

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gullible easily persuade to believe something or fooled
mawkish sentimental in an exaggerated or false way,exaggeratedly or childishly emotional,lacking flavor or having an unpleasant taste
raffish cheaply vulgar in appearance or nature;tawdry;disreputable
continuum something that keeps on going changing slowly over time,a continuous whole without clear division into parts
travail strenuous physical or mental labor or effort
intrepid fearless;lack of fear in dealing with something new or unknown
languid lacking energy;weak or slow moving;showing little interest in anything
exodus a mass departure of people
influx a mass arrival or incoming;a continuous coming
abash caused to feel embarrassed,disconcerted or ashamed;to feel
incessant continuing without interruption;non stop
latent undeveloped,hidden,concealed;existing but not developed
eloquent fluent or persuasive in speaking,writing,or movement:clearly expressing or indicating something
diffident lacking self-confidence;timid
malcontent dissatisfied with existing conditions;complaining;making trouble
eminent standing out,renowned;distinguished;prominent;respected or important
wince to flinch;to shrink back or start aside,as from a blow or pain
prudent showing care or thought for the future;cautious;discreet;exercising good judgement
augment to make greater by adding to it;increase
ebullience being cheerful and full of energy;enthusiastic;bubbling with excitement
rhetoric the art or study of using language effectively and persuasively;over-elaborate language
dogmatic characterized by an authoritive,often arrogant,assertion of opinions or beliefs
philippic a verbal denunciation characterized by harsh,insulting language;a tirade
pandemic widespread;general;epidemic of an infectious disease that has spread through human population in a large area
idyllic extremely happy,peaceful or picturesque;charming in a rustic way
cryptic having a meaning that is mysterious or obscure;hidden meaning
choleric hot-tempered;quick to anger
peccadillo a minor offence;a slight or trifling sin
emphatic forcibly expressive;expressing something forcibly and clearly
logistics the management of the details of an operation;commercial activity of transporting goods to customers
circumspect cautious;headful of situations and potential consequences
abstract difficult to understand;detached from reality;existing in thought
defunct no longer in effect or use;not operating
succinct brief and to the point;concise and terse
palpable capable of being touched or felt
accountable expected to answer for one's actions;responsible,liable,answerable
ostensible appearing as such;offered as genuine or real
pliable receptive to change;easily persuaded or controlled;easily bent or twisted
adroit skillful;deft
bauble a small,inexpensive trinket
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