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loanatomic . nursing

positions and words

crani skull
cephal pretaining to the head
cuadal pretaining to the tail
superior above or directly upward
inferior under
hypo lower under or below normal
proximal near to the center of the point of attachment
distal situated awat from the center of the piont of attchment
ventral of on or relating to the under side
dorsal of on or relating to the upper side of the back
antirior near the front of the body or the head
postirior further back in position of or near the rear
lateral of at towards or from side to side
medial in the middle
gastr stomach
renal relating to the kidneys
chondr cartlidge
axillary the arm pit
brachial the upper arm
inguinal the groin
cubital the forarm of the elbow
popliteal pulmonary
viscera the internal organs in the main cavities in the body
deep extending far down from the to of the surface
superficial existing or occuring at or on the surface
supine lying face up
prone lying face down
lateral rectumbent position laying on the right side of the body
erect rigidly upright or straight
simÅ› position laying of the left with the right knee and hip bent
folwers position sitting at a 90 degrees position
trendelenburgs position lying flat on your back in a angled down postion
beccal region relating to the cheek or mouth
mental region the chin
orbital region relating to orbits
sternal region relating to the chest area
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