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Progressive Care Certification

Cause most common for dilated cardiomyopathy? Coronary artery disease
S/S of cardiac tamponade Hypotension; tachycardia; SOB; anxiety; paradoxus; muffled heart sounds; NOT hypertension
AOO pacemaker Paces in demand mode during surgery
Most common cause of UGIB Peptic Ulcer Disease
6 minute walk test is used to diagnosis??? Pulmonary Hypertension
Identification of a pleural space on CXR is normal? NO
Principle of beneficence overrides that of autonomy Paternalism
Oversensing of pacemaker caused by Sensitivity control set too high
Med used to eradicate H.Pylori Clarithromycin
Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt is performed where IR dept
Aneurysm development is initiated in what layer of the aorta? Medial layer
What test is needed to determine size of aorta, size of aneurysm, extent of dissection, lumen diameter, wall thickness? CT/MRI
D-Dimer is test for what? DVT
First sign of intrarenal failure Common Complications Rise in BUN and creatinine levels Fluid overload and acute hyperkalemia
Process where substrates move from high to lower concentration Diffusion
Antidote for cyanide poisoning? Kelocyanor
Cranial nerve ____dysfunction are unable to close eyelid on affected side VII
Surgical procedure for removal of bronchovascular section of the lung lobe? Segmental resection
Bicarbonate levels are controlled primarily by the? Kidneys
Treatment for sustained torsades de pointes is? Defibrillation
Acute ischemic heart disease is most often caused by? Thrombus formation at a site of atherosclerotic plague rupture within a coronary artery
Treatment option to slow down pulmonary hypertension Long term anticoagulation therapy
Low stretch protocol is used to reduce the risk of? Volutrauma
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