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Balony Detection Kit

Why are statistics important to science? It is important because it tells you how likely an event is to occur.
*How do you calculate the probability of an event? The event divided by the total number of possible outcomes.
*What is the probability of an impossible event? Zero
*What is the probability of an event that is certain to happen? One
What does probability theory say about coincidences, even rare coincidences? That it is rare, however if there are high amounts of chances for the extremely unlikely event, then the unlikely event should occur at some point.
What is the lunar effect? Does it really happen? The idea that the moon phase (specifically full moon) has an impact on the number of hospital admissions, the suicide rate, number of dog bites, etc. It does not really happen.
What is subjective validation? Disregarding contradictory information.
*What is the Forer Effect? The tendency for people to accept generic personal feedback consisting on relatively trivial statements with a high base rate, as being highly accurate.
*What is Occam's Razor? The idea that given all the possible explanations of some phenomenon, the explanation requiring the fewest assumptions is the one that is most likely correct.
Created by: Magalii