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What do drugs do? Drugs alter the chemical processes in your body.
What can happen with drugs? The body can become addicted to the drug.
What can happen if an addict doesn't take drugs? They can suffer from withdrawal symptoms.
Name some addictive drugs. • Cocaine • Heroin • Nicotine • Caffeine
What do performance enhancing drugs do generally? Improve an person's performance in sports.
What are the different types of performance enhancing drugs and what do they do? • Anabolic Steroids (increase muscle size) • Stimulants (increase heart rate)
What are the negatives to performance enhancing drugs? Give an example. They may have side effects, for example steroids can cause high blood pressure.
What are the ethical arguments for performance enhancing drugs? • They have the right to make their own decisions. • Sport isn't fair anyway because people have different access to different facilities.
What are the ethical arguments against performance enhancing drugs? • Its an unfair advantage. • Athletes might not know the health risks of the drugs.
What are statins? Prescribed drugs used to lower the risk of heart and circulatory diseases.
What else do scientists think that statins do? Lower blood cholesterol.
What have scientists tried to determine that cannabis causes? Mental health issues.
What are drugs tested on in the lab? Human cells and tissues.
What is the problem with this and how is it solved? You can't test how a drug will affect a whole body or body system, so we test drugs on animals as well.
Give 3 reasons why we test drugs on live animals. • To see if they work. • To test they toxicity. • To see which is the best dosage
Why is a drug tested on healthy volunteers before anyone else? To see if it causes side effects.
What is a double blind drug trial? Patients are put in to two groups, one with the drug and one with the placebo but neither know which one. This is to stop people feeling better with a placebo effect.
Why don't the doctors know which is which in a double blind drug trial? So their own knowledge doesn't influence them when testing the patients.
What was thalidomide originally tested for? Sleeping pill and then for morning sickness.
What can it be used to treat now because they stopped for morning sickness after a bunch of babies died? Leprosy and some cancers.
Give two reasons why people use recreational drugs. • Relaxation/Stress relief • Because of their personal life
Give three opinions that link Cannabis with harder drug use. • Stepping stone (Desire for harder drugs) • Gateway (Dealers etc) • Genetics (Certain people are affected by certain things and are more likely to try other drugs)
What has more impact in the UK , illegal or legal drugs and why? Legal because: • More readily available
What are the health effects of smoking? • Disease of the heart, blood vessels and lungs • Causes cancer • Nicotine causes addiction
What are the health effects of drinking? • Nervous system affected and body's reactions slowed down • Impaired judgement • Brain damage • Addictive
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