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Ecce Ch 8 Sentences1


Nondum lucet It is not yet light/ day.
Aurelia, mater Marci et Corneliae Aurelia, the mother of Marcus and Cornelia
iam in villâ occupata est now (she) is busy in the house
Irata est quod servos sedentes conspicit (she) is angry because she sees the servants sitting
"Agite, molesti servi!" inquit. (she) says "come on, troublesome sevants!"
"Cur nihil facitis? Cur vos ibi sedetis?" "why do you do nothing? Why do you sit there?"
"Cur non strenue laboratis?" "Why do you not work hard?"
Omnia statim parare necesse est "It is necessary to prepare everything at once."
quod nos hodie Romam redimus "because today we return to Rome."
Iam strenue laborant servi now the slaves work hard.
Tum Aurelia pueros excitare parat Then Aurelia prepares to wake up the children.
Intrat igitur cubiculum Marci Therefore she enters Marcus' room.
Clamat, "Age, Marce! Tempus est surgere." She shouts, "Come on, Marcus! It's time to wake up."
"Nos ad urbem redire paramus." "we prepare to return to the city."
Marcus matrem audit sed nihil respondet. Marcus hears his mother but doesn't respond.
Deinde Aurelia cubiculum Sexti intrat. Then Aurelia enters Sextus' room.
Clamat, "Age, Sexte! Tempus est surgere." She shouts, "Come on Sextus! It's time to rise."
Statim surgit Sextus. Immediately, Sextus rises.
Celeriter tunicam et togam induit Swiftly he puts on his tunic and toga.
brevi tempore ê cubiculô currit. Soon, he runs out of his bedroom.