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the revolt of mother

short story by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

Characterization "She was a small woman, short and straight-waisted like a child in her brown cotton gown." (29)
Event "Don't you put the hay in that barn; put it in the old one." (36)
Point of view "I've been thinking-I don't see how we're goin' to have any-wedding in this room. I'd be ashamed to have his folks come home if we don't have anybody else." (35)
Tone "You can't say nothin' without ownin' it ain't right, Father." ( 34)
Setting "Here, when we was married...you promised me faithful that we should have a brand new house built in that lot over in the feild before the year was out. You said you had money enough, an' you wouldn't ask me to live in no such a place as this." (34)
Irony "The old man's shoulder heaved; he was weeping." (40)
Structure "I tell ye I ain't got nothin' to say about it, Mother; an' I ain't goin' to say nothin'." (32)
Theme "Sarah put her apron up to her face; she was overcome by her own triumph. Adoniram was like a fortress whose walls had no active resistance and went down the instant the right besieging tools were used." (40)
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