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slaghdán cold
tinneas cinn headache
Ag mothú tinn. feeling sick
tinneas goile upset tummy
Bhí mo theocht an ard. my temperature was very high
ag cur allais sweating
Thit mé i laige. I fainted
pian i mo dhroim pain in my back
Bhí spotaí ar mo chorp there were spots on my body
Ní raibh aon goile agam. I didn't have any apppetite
Bhí me ag cur amach. I was throwing up
tinneas fiacaile toothache
méar dhóite burnt finger
scornach tinn sore throat
ag casacht coughing
ag sraothach sneezing
an fliú the flu
tinneas cluaise earache
Ungadh ointment
Steiteascóp stetascope
Oideas perscription
Teirmiméadar thermonitor
Buidéal leighis bottle of medicine
Piollaí pills
Instealladh injection
Bindealán bandage
mo theocht my temperature
mo bhrú fola my blood pressure
m‘ airde my height
mo mheachán my weight
Ghortaigh mé mo chos I hurt my leg
maidí croise crutches
x-gha x ray
Deilgneach chicken pox
An plucmas/Leicneach mumps
Bruitíneach measles
snáthaidí stitches
Plástar pharás plastar paras
ag cur fola bleeding
ní raibh aon fuinneamh agam I had no energy
leon mé I sprained
mo chéislíní my tonsils
m’ aipindic my apendix
obráid operation
ag at swelling
chas mé I twisted
Created by: aorourke