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Indian Classical


What is a Raga? A set of 5-8 notes used to display a mood or atmosphere.
When are Ragas performed? At different times of day or at different seasons.
What is a Gharana? A school of players.
What do you do in a Gharana? Learn about the traditions and theories about how to play.
What is a Karnatic Kriti? A Raga set to words to worship a Hindu deity.
How many strings does a Sitar have and what are they used for? 7, the first 5 are plucked for the melody and the remaining 2 are used to play a drone.
What are Sympathetic Strings and what do they do? Strings underneath main strings that vibrate, creating a thick, shimmery sound.
What is Mind? A sliding glissando sound created when a finger is dragged across the neck of the Sitar.
What is a Tambura? Backing instrument, often does the drone.
How many strings does a Tambura have? 4
What is a Tabla? A pair of drums.
What is the left hand drum on a Tabla called? Bayan.
What is the right hand drum on a Tabla called? Tabla.
Which instrument usually plays the melody and how? The Sitar: • Can play notes quickly • Can decorate notes
What are the notes of a Raga? • Sa • Ri • Ga • Ma • Dha • Sa
Which instrument plays the rhythm? The Tabla
What does that Tabla play? A Tala
What is the first beat of a Tala called? A Sam
What is a Vibhag? A bar
What else do Tabla players do? Improvise more complicated rhythms over the top of the drone and melody.
What does that Tambura play for the harmony? A drone.
What is the drone that the Tambura plays? A simple rhythmic pattern based on two notes.
What are the sections of a typical Raga? • The Alap • The Jhor • The Jhala • The Gat or Bandish
What happens on the Alap? Is there any accompaniment? Sitar starts to improvise notes of the chosen raga. Yes the Tambura drone is accompaniment
What happens in the Jhor? • Music speeds up • More rhythmic • Sitar player plays on steady beat
What is the main difference between the Jhor and the Jhala? The Jhala is much quicker.
What happens in the Gat or Bandish? • Tabla player comes in • Group plays either Gat or Bandish • Players add improvisation to Gat or Bandish
What is a Gat? A pre-composed piece of Indian Classical music FOR INSTRUMENTS ONLY.
What is a Bandish? A pre-composed piece of Indian Classical music FOR VOICE AND INSTRUMENT.
Created by: GuyBrazier
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