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Marano- Measurement

Define science the study of a way to solve problems
The International System of Measurement (SI) is the measurement system
What is the base unit for distance? meter
What is the base unit for liquid volume? liter
What is the base unit for mass? gram
What is the metric unit for temperature? Celsius
What is the abbreviation for meter? m
What is the abbreviation for liter? l
What is the abbreviation for gram? g
What is the abbreviation for Celsius? C
What are the 3 steps for using a formula? Write the formula.Substitute the measurements with labelsAnswer with labels
Definition of perimeter Distance around an object
Formula for perimeter P= S + S+ S+ ... (s=sides)
Possible labels for perimeter cm, m, mm, ...
A rectangle has one side that measures 4 cm and another side that measures 2 cm. Figure out the perimeter. 4 + 4 + 2 + 2= 12 cm
Define area measure of flat surface 2 dimensions
How do you calculate the area of a regular quadrilateral? l x w or b x h
What is the label for area? cm2 or mm2 or m2..
Find the area for a rectangle that measures 4 cm by 2 cm. 4 x 2 = 8 cm2
Define volume of a solid object. amount of space inside an object
Formula for volume of a solid object. l x w x h
Label for the volume of a solid object. cm3
How is liquid volume measured? with a graduated cylinder
What label do you use for liquid volume? ml or cc
What are the rules for measuring with a graduated cylinder? Measure on a flat surface. Measure at eye level. Read the bottom of the meniscus
What is the meniscus? curve formed by the water adhering to the sides of the graduated cylinder
What is the graduation on a cylinder? the little lines
Graduated cylinders are named by how much it can measure- 10 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml
What is the method used to find the volume of an irregular object? liquid/fluid displacement
List the five steps of fluid displacement 1. Fill the graduated cylinder with water to cover the object2. Record the starting volume3. Gently insert object4. Record ending volume5. Subtract ending volume minus starting volume
What is mass? the amount of matter in an object
How is mass measured? with a triple beam balance
What are the four rules for using a triple beam balance? 1. Carry with both hands2. Return all riders to zero before removing object3. Do not put chemicals or liquids directly on the pan.4. Calibrate
What does it mean when the triple beam balance is calibrated? all of the riders are at zero and the pointer points to zero
What do you do if the triple beam balance is not calibrated? turn the zero knob
To find the mass of a liquid, subtract _____ from _____ mass of the container with liquid from the mass of the container= mass of the liquid
The mass of the container is the ____ tare
Define weight the pull of gravity on mass
Weight is measured with spring scale
Label for weight Newtons
Temperature the amount of heat energy
What is the temperature at which water freezes _____ degrees C? 0 degrees
What is the temperature at which water boils _____ degrees C? 100 degrees
What is body temperature _____ degrees C? 37 degrees
Created by: seagullq