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Mandarin lvl.1 ch.6


...sui4 ...years old
ji3 sui4 how old
kan4 look,read
hao3kan4 good-looking
nan2kan4 ugly
chou3 ugly (2)
gao1 tall (and a surname)
ai3 short
pang4 fat
shou4 thin,skinny
ke3ai4 cute,lovely
cong1ming2 smart
ben4 stupid
yan2 strict
huai4 bad
kuai3le4 happy
bi3 compare article --> Ta1 bi3 wo3 gao1 (He is taller than I) / Ta1 he2 wo3 yi2yang4 gao1 (He is as tall as I [am])
yi2yang4 the same
zui4 most
zhen1 real, really
...ji2 le extremely....
nian4 study
...nian2ji3 grade...
ji3 nian2ji3 which grade
...zen3meyang4 What do you think of...?
you4...you4... ...and... (e.g. you4 nan2kan4 you4 ben4 - ugly and stupid)
Created by: seanherman