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Reproductive millerpy

What structure receives the penis for internal reproduction? Vagina
What structure stores sperm? epididymis
What structure produces an egg and estrogen? Ovary
The releasing of an egg by the ovary is called? Ovulation
What is the male reproductive hormone responsible for secondary sex characteristics and sperm formation? Testosterone
What is the female hormone responsible for secondary sex characteristics and the formation of the egg? Estrogen
The organ where a fetus forms. Uterus
Structure that delivers sperm into the vagina. Penis
Where fertilization takes place. Fallopian Tubes
The process in which an egg and sperm join. Fertilization
Structure that takes sperm from the epididymis to the penis. Vas Deferens
Holds the testis so that they are protected and are one degree cooler than the rest of the body. Scrotum
Strong muscular contractions a female feels when giving birth. labor
When the lining of the uterus and an unfertilized egg is shed from the female's body. Menstruation
The monthly changes where the uterine lining thickens, an egg is released and the lining and egg are shed from the body that happens every 28 days. Menstrual Cycle
When cells in an embryo become specialized and receive their specific jobs. differentiation
Process by which a fertilized egg divides into new cells as the fetus forms. Mitosis
When one egg is fertilized and splits into two forming fetuses. Identical twins
When two eggs are released and they are both fertilized by different sperm so that there are two fetuses. Fraternal Twins
Hormone responsible for adding tissue to the uterus as well as new blood supplies. Progesterone
Structure that separates the vagina from the uterus and protects the female from pathogens entering into the uterus. Cervix
Process that maintains homeostasis. As one substance increases it causes something else to decrease. Negative Feedback
Maintaining a stable internal environment Homeostasis
Gland that produces sperm and testosterone. Testis
Since an egg and sperm only have 23 chromosomes each they are said to be ______ cells. Haploid
When an egg and sperm join combining 23 chromosomes each to make 46 the new cell is said to be ________. Diploid
When an egg and sperm join the new cell is called an ______? embryo
The amount of time it takes for a fetus to fully develop is called? gestation period
Fish and frogs that lay eggs and fertilize them outside the female's body do this type of fertilization. External Fertilization
Mammals that deliver sperm into the body of the female and fertilize an egg inside the body do this type of fertilization. Internal Fertilization
When two haploid cells join to create a new diploid cell it is this type of reproduction: Sexual Reproduction
When one cell creates two new cells and pass all of it's chromosomes to the new cells it is this type of reproduction: Asexual Reproduction
In order to create an egg or sperm cell this process must occur: Meiosis
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