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Jazz music GCSE OCR

Where did Jazz develop and when? In the USA in the 1920's.
What is Jazz a fusion of? African and European traditions that came from music of newly freed slaves.
What did Jazz originally start as? Dixieland Jazz.
Why did Jazz have a bad reputation? Because it was played in bars when alcohol was illegal, so was synonymous with immorality.
What form of Jazz grew out of Dixieland in the 1930's and 40's? Swing music.
Why was Swing so popular and what musical element caused this? You could dance to it easily because it was more structured.
Bebop developed from Swing in the 1940's, what is it? Fast Jazz with lots of improvisation, complex harmonies, syncopated rhythms and irregular phrase lengths.
What other types of Jazz are there? • Cool Jazz • Progressive Jazz • Free Jazz • Soul Jazz • Latin Jazz • Jazz Fusion • Experimental Jazz
What is Dixieland Jazz a mix of? Brass band marches, ragtime and blues.
Where was Dixieland performed? In brothels and bars.
Dixieland is polyphonic, what does this mean? Different parts moving at different times.
What is the texture like in Dixieland Jazz? Full.
How do the sections work in Dixieland Jazz? The melody section contrasts with the rhythm section.
How do the clarinet and the trombone work together in 'Basin Street Blues'? They play counter melodies around Louis Armstrong's main tune.
How is the chorus played in 'Basin Street Blues'? Played by the whole band in ragtime style.
What would a typical Jazz band consist of? Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Saxophones with a 4 piece rhythm section behind it.
What would a big band consist of? Saxophones, Trumpets, Trombones and a rhythm section.
What sequence would a front row instruments improvise over? A 12 bar blues chord sequence.
What are some of the key features of Jazz music? • Call and Response • Blues notes (3rds, 7ths and 5ths) • Syncopated Rhythms • Swung Rhythms • Scat
What is scat? Improvised singing with nonsense words and syllables.
Why is scat used? To keep listeners attention in between phrases.
Created by: GuyBrazier



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