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Pharmacy Abb.,

Pharmacy Abbreviations (Route, Form, Time, Measurement, Other)

a.s. or a.l. left ear
a.u. each ear
i.m. or IM Intramuscular
i.v. or IV Intravenous
i.v.p or IVP Intravenous Piggyback
o.d. right eye
o.s. or o.l. left eye
o.u. each eye
Per Neb by nebulizer
p.o. by mouth
p.r. rectally, into the rectum
p.v. vaginally, into the vagina
SC or subc or subq Subcutaneously
S.L. sublingually, under the tongue
top. topically, locally
aq or aqua water
caps capsules
cm. cream
liq. liquid
supp. suppository
SR or XR or XL Slow/extended release
syr. syrup
tab. tablet
ung. or oint ointment
a.c. before food, before meals
a.m. morning
b.i.d or bid twice a day
h hour
h.s. at bedtime
p.c. after meals
p.m. afternoon or evening
p.r.n or prn as needed
q.i.d or qid four times a day
q every
q.d. every day
q_h every_hour(s)
qod every other day
stat. immediately
t.i.d or tid three times a day
i 1
ii 2
a.a. or aa of each
ad to, up to
aq. ad add water up to
dil. dilute
f or fl. fluid
fl. oz. fluid ounce
G. or gm. or g gram
gtt. drop
l or L liter
mcg. micrograms
mEq. milliequivalent
mg. milligram
ml. or mL milliliter
q.s. a sufficient quantity
q.s. ad add sufficient quantity to make
ss one half
tbsp. tablespoon
tsp. teaspoon
c or w/ with
disp. dispense
f or ft. make, let it be made
gtt drop
NR no refill
s or w/o without
ut dict. or u.d. as directed
ad lib. at pressure
a. before
amp. ampule
aur. or a ear
b. twice
brach. arm
BSA body surface area
c. food
comp. compound
c.c. cubic centimeter
C.C. with food,with meals
D5W Dextrose 5% in water
emuls. emulsion
gr. grain (1gr ~ 65mg)
lot. lotion
N.F. National Formulary
NS Normal Saline
per g. button by/through gastric button
per n.g.t. by/through naso-gastric tube
Sig. write,label
SOB shortness of breath
sol. solution
tinc. or tr. tincture
troche lozenge
tuss. cough
USP United States Pharmacopea