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MASC Academic team

Who is known as the Father of Paleontology? Georges Cuvier is known as the father of Paleontology
When and where was Cuvier Born? Aug. 23, 1769, in Montbéliard, France
What did Cuvier Study? Paleontology, Marine Vertebrate and Comparative Anatomy.
How did Cuvier interpret fossils? By using insight from personal experiences
Who was the first to believe that a mass extinction happened? Georges Cuvier Believed a mass extinction happened.
How much of a fossil did Cuvier need to tell what it came from or what it resembles? A small part of the skeleton
When and where Did Cuvier Die? May 13,1832 in Paris, France
Who invented the Stethoscope? Rene Laennec invented the Stethoscope
Who began Laennec's medical studies? His Uncle
Where did Laennec learn to apply surgical dressings? At the Hotel-Dieu of Nantes
How did Laennec address his patients? Through autopsies of the chest cavities
Who is the father of clinical auscultation? Rene Laennec is the father of clinical auscultation
What diseases were first diagnosed by Laennec? pneumonia, bronchiectasis, pleurisy, emphysema, and pneumothorax.
Created by: Carson2992