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Drugs/Alcohol Unit

Mrs. Ebel's review sheet for the Drugs/Alcohol test

What are Gateway Drugs? drugs that lead you to do worse things
What are the 4 examples of gateway drugs? tobacco, marijuana, inhalants, alcohol
Why are gateway drugs considered to be harmful? they lead you to do more drugs
What 3 qualities must a drug have? effective, safe, minor side effects
What are "drugs of abuse"? change the way the brain works in ways that are not healthy, some people take them to change how they feel or sense the world
What are the 6 ways that drugs can enter the body? inhalation, injection, indigestion, implant pumps,transdermal patches, topical application
What is a neurotransmitter? a chemical transmitter that moves across the synapse and attaches to a neuron
What are some types of neurotransmitters? serotonin, dopamine, epiphrine
What is the path to addiction? (4 steps) drug use -> tolerance -> dependence -> addiction
What are the effects on the brain from drinking alcohol? (6) slows nervous system, loss of inhibitions, loss of ability to focus eyes, slurs speech, loss of coordination, drastic mood swings
What are the short term effects of alcohol? (5) irritates body parts, makes the heart work harder, body loses heat, causes the liver to work harder, causes dehydration
What are the long term effects of alcohol? (7) causes liver cancer, brain damage, irregular heartbeat, shrunken brain, high blood pressure, bad immune system, cancers,
What are the 4 stages of alcoholism? problem drinking -> tolerance -> dependence -> alcoholism
What are the risk factors for alcoholism? (4) age, social enviornment, genetics, risk-taking personality
What is an abuser? someone in the family who is chemically dependent on alcohol
What is a family hero? the caretaker of the family
What is a mascot? the family clown
What is a chief enabler? closest emotionally to the victim
What is a scapegoat? problem child
What is a lost child? forgotten child
What are the short term effects of tobacco? stimulates brain and reward system, increases heart rate and blood pressure, increases breathing rate, increases blood-sugar levels, stimulates vomit reflex
What are the long term effects of tobacco? addiction, bronchitis and emphysema, heart and artery diesease, cancer, immune system supression, ulcers, ugliness
Whate is chewing tobacco and how does it impact your health? It is tobacco with tiny shards in it that cut your lips so the tobacco is absorbed. It damages your mouth and can make you uglier, and it gives you cancers.
What is mainstream smoke? smoke that is inhaled and exhaled from the smoker
What is sidestream smoke? smoke that escapes from the tip of the cigarette, cigar, or pipe
What is enviornmental smoke? secondhand smoke, smoke that contains both types of smoke
What are 5 improvements to your health once you quit smoking? lung capacity increases, circulation improves, cilla regrows in lungs, lung cancer rate majorly decreases, precancerous cells are replaced
What are 4 factors that influence BAC? gender, age, weight, number of drinks
What is a synapse? the space where neurotransmitters move
What is the number one abused drug? alcohol
What are 3 characteristics of an alcoholic? irratic, secretive, addicted
What are 3 illegal acts talked about in DARE? drugs, underage drinking, stalking
What is BAC? how much of your blood is made up of alcohol
Created by: enielson