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8th Grade Science


weathering the natural process by which atmospheric and environmental agents, such as wind, rain, and temperature changes, disintegrate and decompose rocks
physical weathering the mechanical breakdown of rocks into smaller pieces that is caused by natural processes and that does not change the chemical composition of the rock material
release of pressure pressure is released: rock cracks like an egg shell
ice wedging water fills in the cracks of rocks and freezes and pushes a rock apart
animal reasons burrowing: animals digging holes
plant growth plants pushing rocks apart as roots grow
abrasion process by which rock is reduced in size by the scraping action of other rocks driven by water, wind, and gravity
chemical weathering the chemical breakdown and decomposition of rocks by the natural processes in the environment
oxidation chemical reaction in which a material combines with oxygen to form a new material
acid precipitation CO2 + rainwater
sediments small, solid pieces of material from rocks or living things
glacier a large mass of ice that exists year round and moves over land
deposition the process in which material is laid down
delta a mass of material deposited in a triangular or fan shape at the mouth of a river or stream
alluvial fan a fan-shaped mass of material deposited by a stream when the slope of the land decreases sharply
sedimentary rock a rock that forms from compressed or cemented layers of sediment
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