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Ind/Fam Dev-Adoles.

Adolescent Lesson

There is a final resolution of this during the adolescent developmental period Sex-role identification
Failure of the adolescent to achieve a sense of identity results in this Identity diffusion (figuring out who they are)
Identity diffusion dev. results in the failure to set these Life goals
Identity dev. results in the ability to do this cope with emotions
Fears of the adolescent are? Enforced dependency, loss of control, mutilation, and rejection
Dev. of formal operations result in the ability to do this Abstract reasoning
What is Piaget's stage of cognitive dev. for the adolescent? Formal operations
What is the period of dev. beginning with puberty and ending with cessation of bodily growth? Adolescence
Identity dev. results in the establishment of these characteristics Life philosophy, positive self-identity, positive self-worth, and the value system
Characteristic type of though of the adolescent Idealistic
Adolescent virtues with successful identity dev. Fidelity (loyalty) and devotion
According to Kohlberg, the adolescent believes that this group defines correct behavior Society
What stage of dev. does the individual first become capable of sexual reproduction Puberty
Identity diffusion dev. resulting in the acceptance of others ____ without question Values
The dev. of identity diffusion that results in an individual failing to assume responsibility for directing one's own _____. behavior
Behavior that is defined abstractly during adolescence Moral
Kohlberg's level of moral dev. for the adolescent post-conventional
What is the primary task of the stage of adolescence Who am I
What is Freud's psychosexual dev. stage for the adolescent? genitality
The inadequate identity dev. results in the having this type of relationship unsuccessful
Erikson's positive psychosocial task (crisis) of adolescence identity
Adolescent behavior which may occur when experiencing fear withdrawal
A radius of significant relationship for the adolescent, according to Sullivan peers
What age are most females menstruating? 13
What age do males begin noticing genital growth? 13
Both males at females at age 13 demonstrate what? lack of coordination, are boisterous and loud, they tend to be impulsive, and start to argue a lot with parents
What do 13 year olds suffer with? Self doubt, they feel they should look grown up
What increases at age 14? confidence and adjustment to body changes
Difference between 14 and 13 year olds? 14 year olds tend to be more quiet and introspective
14 year olds are interested in members of their own sex, usually older, whom they imitate
What age does acne begin to develop? 15
At what age do adolescents spend more time away from their parents 15
At what age do adolescents become attracted to the opposite sex 15
What age does ambivalence surface at the prospect of leaving school and home? 17
What age is it imperative to have good adult tole models? 17
What age do adolescents begin managing their own life? 18
What physiological change occurs in adolescent years? 2-3 inches of height and 15-55 pounds
Who has a growth spurt before who and in how many years? Occurs in girls about 2 years before it appears in boys
What shows earlier and later in adolescence? Poor posture and awkwardness earlier; increased coordination and better posture later
Common adolescent health problems include...? Poor posture, fatigue, acne
Other adolescent problems that may occur (9) Dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation), testicular tumors (generally malignant[dangerous]), sexual activity, pelvic inflammatory disease (damages reproductive tract), pregnancy, abortion, chemical experimentation (drugs/chemical misuse), suicide,and runaways
What are some nutritional deficiencies that occur with the adolescent? Lactose intolerance, iron deficiency anemia, large amounts of sodium in the diet
Nutrients that are most likely deficient in adolescents iron, calcium, and zinc
Initial indication of puberty in girls breast enlargement
Spontaneous ejaculations, in boy, during adolescence indicates this sperm reproduction
Typical behavior in the adolescent with anorexia nervosa food preoccupation
Skeletal deformity often requiring surgery during adolescence scoliosis
Eating disorder resulting in emaciation from self-inflicted starvation
Common health problem during adolescence acne
Type of anti-inflammatory medication recommended for use with dysmenorrhea. non-steroidal
Marijuana, alcohol, tobacco are considered to be there gateway drugs
Types of dependencies with chemical addiction emotional and physical
Maternal complication of abortion bleeding and infection
Absence of expected menstrual period amenorrhea
Sex characteristic which involve organs necessary for reproduction primary
Most commonly used method of successful adolescent suicides, especially in males firearms
Health problem which causes the erosion of tooth enamel bulimia
Girls experience increase in weight and fat deposits during this period puberty
Initial indication of puberty in boys testicular enlargement
Disease, which may occur in adolescence. that may cause reproductive tract damage PID (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)
The process responsible for new cell formation which takes place more readily during sleep protein synthesis
A risk of adolescent pregnancy premature delivery
Pain or discomfort during menses. dysmenorrhea
Sex characteristics which involve external features but are not necessary for reproduction secondary
Leading cause of death during adolescence Motor Vehicle Accidents
Severe problem for adolescents with anorexia nervosa malnutrition
Tumors, when found during adolescence, are generally malignant (deadly) testicular tumors
Type of cancer which is higher risk for adolescents with history of STDs cervical cancer
Average age for this is 12.6 years menarche (first period)
Group that is first to experience the onset of a puberal growth spurt girls
Health problem that causes poor body image during adolescence obesity
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