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Science Study Guide2

Precipitation water, in solid or liquid form, that falls from the air to Earth
Weather condition of the atmosphere at a certain time and place
Condesation process by which a gas, such as water vapor, becomes a liquid
Clouds collection of millions of tiny water droplets or ice crystals
Air masses large body of air where temperature and moisture content are similar throughout
Fronts The area in which two types of air masses meet
Thunderstorms intense weather systems that produce strong winds, heavy rain, lightning, and thunder
Tornado small, spinning column of air that has high wind speeds and low central pressure and that touches the ground
Hurricane A large, rotating tropical weather system that has wind speeds of at least 120 km/h
Isobars lines on the weather maps
Climate the average weather conditions in an area over a long period of time
Describe the kind of weather associated with each type of front Warm front- clear warm weather Cold front- thunderstorms and heavy rain Stationary front- many days of cloudy wet weather Occluded front- large amounts rain and snow
Describe how a hurricane forms A hurricane begins as a group of thunderstorms moving over tropical ocean waters. Winds traveling in two different directions meet and cause the storm to spin
What are the main features on a typical weather map? isobars, high and low air pressure,warm and cold fronts
What types of of weather are associated with the main types of clouds? Cumulus - puffy, white; fair weather Cumulonimbus – dark; stormy Stratus – layered, thick, gray; rainy Cirrus – thin, white; windy
What are the major factors that determine the climate of an area? Temperature and precipitation
Explain why water drops sometimes form on the outside of a cold glass of water. The cold water caused the glass to cool the air surrounding the glass to its dew point.
Created by: Nwamaka