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ISU NTD 3340

Exam 02

What are Lipoprotein lipase, Ghrelin and leptin and their functions? LPL is an enzyme that hydrolyzes triglycerides. Ghrelin is a hormone that is produced by the GI tract and it increases your appetite. Leptin is a hormone that decreases your appetite.
Causes of obesity, % of US that are overweight or obese
Goals of obesity treatment
Guidelines for healthy weight gain for underweight individual
General recommendation for a weight -loss diet and rate of weight loss
Successful weight loss and maintenance lifestyle strategies
Environmental factors that influence food intake
Concept of energy density-how to calculate
Define bariatrics
Post bariatric surgery guidelines(including video)
Physical activity guidelines for weight management Pg 279
Controversies in obesity treatment, surgery, drugs
Mechanism of action for Orlistat and Phentermine
Causes, complications of gastritis Complications: hypochlorhydria, which leads to iron and B12 deficiency
Difficulties with the mouth that compromise nutrition(Highlight 23) Periodontal disease, dry mouth (xerostomia), DM, HIV/AIDS.
Uses, benefits of Medium Chain Triglycerides
Causes and treatment of ulcers, interactions between anti-ulcer medications and nutrient absorption Causes: H pylori infection, NSAIDs, Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, smoking, stress. TX: Abx, discontinue NSAIDs, antisecretory drugs, small meals.
Complications with obesity surgery including nutrient deficiencies
MNT for dumping syndrome and gastrectomy
Fad diets-common features, dangers
Causes and complications of dysphagia, interventions and National Dysphagia diet, levels of liquid thickening Causes: NM disorders, achalasia, stricture. Complications: malnutrition, dehydration, choking, obstruction, resp. infections. Lvl of thickening:
MNT for nausea and vomiting
Dietary interventions for gastritis avoid irritating foods, small meals, supplement with Fe/B12
MNT for GERD, foods that lower or increase esophageal sphincter pressure
Irritable bowel syndrome-possible causes, nutrition therapy Causes: spicy foods, greasy fatty foods.
Define short bowel syndrome resected bowels cannot absorb enough to meet needs following surgery.
Bacterial overgrowth-causes and treatments
MNT for chronic pancreatitis
Nutritional consequences of cystic fibrosis lung and pancreatic disease.
Ileostomy and colostomy complications and nutrition recommended chew food thoroughly, and avoid insoluble fiber.
Celiac disease-cause, effect on intestinal cells, nutrition therapy Abnormal immune response to a protein fraction in wheat gluten. damages cells of intestine. adherence to gluten free diet.
Crohn’s disease - nutrition therapy during exacerbations and remissions High kcal, high protein, Vitamin and mineral supplements. Sometimes tube feedings. Restrict high fiber foods and high fat foods.
Nutrient absorption and consequences of intestinal surgeries Fig 24-4
MNT for constipation, how fiber helps
Steattorrhea-description, causes, association with specific diseases
Diverticular disease-causes, dietary treatment
Post gastrectomy diet
Definitions of probiotics and prebiotics, benefits and risks
Types of diarrhea and treatment
Ulcerative colitis - nutrition therapy during exacerbations and remissions Emphasis on restoring fluid balances. Low-fiber diet may reduce sx.
Created by: antwauhn