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During pregnancy

S/S of HIV flu like symptoms diarrhea Kaposi's sarcome -cancer opportunistic diseases anorexia and weight loss
Testing for HIV (2 test) Western Blot test CD4+ T cell level less than 200 cells/ul
Zidovudine (ZDV) Therapy for the prevention of Perinatal Transmission Trying to prevent HIV being spread to the baby
Antepartum (during pregnancy) 100 mg ZDM by mouth 5 times a day (or 200 mg t.i.d) after 14 wks of gestation until 34 wks
Intrapartum (in labor) Intravenous ZDV at a dose of 2mg/kg, infused over 1 hr, then 1mg/kg by continuous infusion until delivery
postpartum (baby be put on) Oral ZDV syrup at a dose of 2mg/kg q 6hrs for 6 wks, beginning 8-12 hours after birth. ZDV may be given IV if neonate is unable to take oral medication
Why is c-section recommended? so baby to exposed to HIV
Why cant baby breast feed? B/c it can be transferred through breast milk
Why universal precautions? w/ all babies, but with these make sure to gown and glove up before giving bath so you do not expose yourself to HIV
When can you know for sure if baby has HIV? Cant say for sure until baby is at least 18 months old and has final testing
Created by: Jaycee420