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How classification works

How many domains are used in taxonomy at this time 3
name the 3 domains Bacteria,Archaea, Eukarya
Name the kingdoms in the Eukarya domain Plant, Animal, Protist, Fungi
There was a kingdom called Monera... it is since been divided into two kingdoms ( name them)... Why this this occur? Bacteria and Archaea... This kingdom consisted of prokaryotic organisms and they decided that these prokaryotes were very different from each other
Review: What is a Eukaryote that would be in the domain Eukarya ( what does eukaryote mean) these organisms have eukaryotic cells... cells with a membrane bound nucleus ( distinct nucleus) and membrane bound organelles
What domain or domains have prokaryotic cells... review.... what is a prokaryotic cell Bacteria and Archaea... prokaryotes are all unicellular and do not have membrane bound nucleus or membrane bound organelles
How many kingdoms are in the Domain Bacteria ( name any of the appropriate kingdoms) only 1.... it is called Bacteria ( sometimes called Eubacteria for true bacteria)...
How many kingdoms are in the Domain Archaea ( name any of the appropriate kingdoms) only 1... it is called Archaea ( they were called Archaeabacteria but the bacteria part is normally dropped..) they are a type of bacteria but very different from the organisms in the domain bacteria
List the taxonomic categories ( the taxa) from largest to smallest group ( put 9 taxa in order) Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species, Variety... Dear King Peter came over for good soup vigorously
List the classification of Human from domain to species D= Eukarya, K= animal, P= Chordate C= mammal O= primate, F= Hominidae G= Homo S= sapien
What is the scientific name for a human and describe the proper way it should be written Homo sapien should be written in italics, or if handwritten should be underlined... first word capital, second word lower case
What are the classes of chordates ( there are 7) jawless fish, cartilage fish, bony fish, amphibian, reptile, bird, mammal
What two taxa make up the scientific name of an organism? the genus and the species.... the variety can be used as a third name
What is another name for a scientific name since it has two words it is called binomial nomenclature ... scientific name is probably more common.. the system of naming an organism is called binomial nomenclature
What name is given to the science of classifying and naming organisms Taxonomy
Who is known as the father of Taxonomy Linnaeus ( Carolus Linnaeus... a swedish naturalist or botanist from the 1700's
What did Linnaeus use as a basis for his system of taxonomy (page 485 can help if you don't know) he used morphology ( the physical structures of the organism) and behaviors
What has been added to the classification system since the 1800's because of new knowledge the evolutionary history of organisms
What describes a group of species that are closely related and share a common ancestor a genus
Which of these organisms are more closely related Ursus americanus..... Melursus ursinus or Ursus thibetanus Ursus americanus and Ursus thibetanus... they are in the same genus... this is the American black bear and the Asiatic black bear
Similar , related genera ( genuses) are called a family ( an example of this is the Ursidae family... it is the bear family and contains black bears, brown bears, polar bears, giant pandas, sunbears, etc..)
A class is made of related ____ ( give an example of this using the human) orders... humans are in the class mammal and within this class are the primates ( humans are primates) and other orders are rodents, carnivora ( wolves, bears, seals, coyotes, skunks...many more), and Cetacea ( whales, dolphins, porpoises)
What is another name for a variety that is the taxa under species subspecies. also called breeds and races
Our current classification system has _ domains and _ kingdoms 3 domains and 6 kingdoms
Which general taxonomic category has the most specific characteristics ( using domain through species) species
Which groups would include more species .... an order or a family an order
Which taxon includes only organisms that can successfully interbreed ... species
If two organisms are in the same class , what other taxonomic groups do the organisms have in common domain, kingdom, and phylum
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