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Caesar List 4

Caesar Frequency List Four Vocabulary Cards

Consuetudo Custom, habit
Maior Greater
Cohors Cohort, company, troop
Interficio To kill
Interim Meanwhile
Premo To check, control
Sustineo To hold up, sustain
Etsi Even if, although, though
Celeritas Quickness, swiftness, speed
Circiter About, not far from
Nuntius Messenger
Quantus How great, how much, how many
Controversia Dispute, debate
Disciplina Training, instruction
Praemium Reward, prize
Ratio Calculation, account, method
Circumvenio To come around, encircle
Concilium Meeting, rendezvous
Hiberna Winter quarters
Ascendo To ascend, mount
Oppugnatio An assault
Resisto To halt, stand still (+ dative), to oppose, resist
Vallum Fortification, palisade
Communis Common
Salus Safety, refuge, health
Tutus Safe
Calamitas Loss, misfortune, disaster
Quidem Indeed
Relinquo To leave behind
Accedo To approach
Munitio Fortification, paving
Turris Tower
Created by: 18barkea