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photochemical smog results when ________ and chemicals interact in the air. sunlight
acid rain results from sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide combining with ______ in the atmosphere. moisture
particulate matter is a type of ______ pollution that consists of chemicals and dust. air
Air pollution can cause _________ diseases respiratory
all of the cars in a city are an example of _________ nonpoint pollution. nonpoint
When chemicals in the air interact with sunlight, ____ is produced. smog
Marsh bacteria are a natural source of __________ production. methane
(Small/Large) particles are most hazardous to our health. small
Temperature inversion can lead to a buildup of air __________. pollution
The Clean Air Act ________ our air quality. improved
An increase in the number of factories would cause the quality of our air to ________. decline
What color on the air quality index indicates the best air? Green
What color on the air quality index indicates the worst air? Maroon
Strong winds produce ______ air movement increased
__________ precipitation can damage stones that are used to build structures. acid
Particulate pollution and smog cause a brown ______. haze
Smog contains _________ gas. ozone
Marshes and volcanoes are a nature source of _____ ______. sulfur dioxide
_____ patterns in an area can influence the buildup of pollutants in the air. wind
_____ _____ in produced form gasoline exhaust. nitrogen dioxide
Ozone is a _______ when it is in the stratosphere. benefit
Ozone is a _______ when it is at ground level danger
The _____ _____ _____ became law in 1970 Clean Air Act
_________ pollution can be 50 times greater than outdoor pollution. indoor
A pollutant that has an identifiable source is called a ________ pollutant. point-source
Any living thing is called an ______. organism
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